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                        A Guide By Sarah Staar

Are you feeling "technically" frustrated?
Do you want to finally launch your own WSO

but are confused and lost as to HOW to do it?

If so, don’t despair. Finally someone thought about you….

"Step-by-step Manual Shows You

How You Can Easily Launch Your

Very Own Profitable product on the Warrior Forum Without Getting Technically Frustrated”

If you hate the technical side of WSOs

then I have good news for you.

From: Sarah Staar (6-figure coach, Successful Internet Marketer, Author And Coach).

Subject: Your Profitable WSO

I don’t really know you, but there’s something I’m sure of…

You’re eager to finally launch a profitable product on the Warrior Forum and make as much money as you can, right?

However, there’s something that’s keeping you from the success you deserve.

And that is the technical stuff, such as setting up what’s needed to run a successful Warrior Forum Special offer ( WSO ) .

An example could be adding images, video, editing, sales copy… I could go on and on, but I think you already got my point.

Listen, I know that you’re frustrated because you want to get started, and you have the motivation, but all this technical stuff is boggling your mind.

I know it because I was in the same position that you’re in right now.

You see, before launching my very successful WSO, I was so excited when I heard all those WSO success stories and how marketers were making a killing just selling them on the Warrior Forum.

I thought to myself: “If they’re selling WSOs and making money so easily, so can I…”

But Unfortunately Reality Was Far Different.

I found myself completely frustrated and even angry about the technical side of Internet Marketing.

Making money was a great idea (the same way it is for you right now). But I didn’t want to spend endless hours trying to “crack the technical” code.

So listen, when I say that I completely understand you, it’s true.

If you feel this way as well, then don’t worry. Because it doesn’t have to be that way.

Today I will finally show you that you can launch your super-profitable WSO really quick by bypassing the “technical bubble.”

If you’re…

  • Tired and frustrated.
  • Sick of trying to figure out the technical stuff without any luck.
  • Feeling stuck and lost.
  • Puzzled as to how to write WSO copy.

Then I urge you to keep reading this letter because I assure you I have some surprises that you’re going to love.

But before getting into that, I’d like to talk with you quickly about a few things.

Here’s An Interesting Fact: You’re Setting Yourself Apart From The Vast Majority Of Marketers Because Of The Following…

Listen, believe it or not, you already made a decision that’s going to change your life.

And that is to sell WSOs.

Did you know that millions have been made just in the Warrior Forum alone?

Yes, exactly! 

And there are a few smart marketers who are pulling in a breathtaking six figures just by selling products on the Warrior Forum.

Heck, there’s even one guy who made a whopping million!

So let me congratulate you on your decision to sell products on the Warrior Forum.

Now, as I said before, perhaps you’re here for the “technical stuff issue.” I’m here to personally help you today.

But maybe you want to know a bit about me first.

My Name Is Sarah Staar.

I'm a six-figure marketer here in the UK. When it comes to Internet Marketing, I know a thing or two. 

I speak at live events and run successful workshop that are usually fully booked the very same day I announce them.

And when it comes to WSOs, well, I also launched several successful WSOs that made me a ton of money.

For example, “Youtube Hijack,” a Youtube WSO sold a staggering 1,000 copies in just 30 days.

That is just one example – and there’s more.

But you see, I’m not saying this just to brag but rather to explain to you who I am and why you should be listening to me.

Over the last two months I received TONS of e-mails from my students literally begging me to help them with the technical aspects of WSOs.

That’s why I committed myself to come up with a comprehensive manual that would solve this common problem forever.

And now, you’re about to get access to it.

Let me proudly introduce you…

“Setting Up A WSO Like A Staar.”

Everything You Need To Know To Set Up And Run A Warrior Forum WSO.

“Setting Up A WSO Like A Staar” is downloadable course that will show you in a step-by-step way how to set up your WSO and launch it as soon as possible. 

It covers absolutely everything – from technical stuff to copywriting, and cool strategies that will generate more money for you.

This is what you’re about to discover…

  • How to set up a WSO post the easy way – although it may sound easy to do, it’s a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. In this section of the manual I will take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know about the first step of your WSO empire.
  • The easiest way to add video and images in your posts – This is something important and you’ll learn the easy way to do this.
  • How to add “buy now” buttons – Without these you just can’t make sales. That’s why I show you in a no-frills way how to add these buttons to your posts.
  • How to write killer and smoking-hot converting sales copy for your WSO – This is a very critical step where many newbies get stuck. I will show you my personal techniques that allowed me to create high-converting sales letters that literally “force” visitors to buy.
  • How to effectively outsource – If you have the money and want to save time (and many headaches), then you need to outsource. In this section I reveal my favorite places to outsource everything.
  • The top affiliate networks that you need to be engaged with – This is no secret: affiliates will drive the most sales for you completely on autopilot. I will show you the top affiliate networks that are full of affiliates and which are willing to promote your WSOs to the masses.
  • How to protect your download page – If you don’t want to lose money then you must protect your download page carefully. In this section you can learn how to effectively accomplish this and stop cyberthieves from stealing your product.
  • A killer way to build a highly-profitable list while selling your products – The money is in the list, and that’s why I’m going to show you this profit-pulling way to build a profitable list of buyers.
  • And much, much more!

As you can see, everything is covered, from A to Z. And the best thing is that my 82-page report is free of fluff or filler.

I’m sure that you probably saw some reports containing so much filler that they just wasted your time, right?

Well, with “Setting Up A WSO Like A Staar,” that simply is not going to happen.

It’s just a matter of digesting the material and taking some action and then you’ll have everything necessary to launch your successful WSO and make tons of money.

“And There’s MUCH MORE Because If You Decide To Download The ‘Setting Up A WSO Like A Starr’ Today You’ll Get The Following Mind-Blowing Bonuses!”

My aim here is to over deliver and bring something spectacular to you.

I’m talking about two bonuses that are worth hundreds of dollars. If you decide to download the main course you’ll get them completely FREE.

BONUS 1 (A $47 Value)

Mark Lyford – WSO Blueprint.

This is a VERY special bonus. Mark Lyford is a six-figure marketer and in this fantastic product he reveals how to make serious money with Warrior Special Offers. He’s a leading expert in WSOs and he knows how to really bank hard just by launching WSOs.

You get…

  • The full video of Mark’s live workshop.
  • The MP3 audio download so you can listen to it in your iPod or favorite MP3 player.
  • The full transcript in PDF format.
  • And much more!

BONUS 2 (A $47 Value)

Traffic Mastermind - Non-SEO Traffic Videos.

This is another special bonus that will knock your socks off, literally. “Traffic Mastermind – Non Seo Traffic” videos is something you should definitely have. 

It’s a course that will show you traffic secrets that gurus don’t want you to know. This is very simple…

if you only rely on SEO traffic when Google “slaps” you, you will lose all your traffic.

However, in these videos you willl learn some cool non-SEO traffic techniques that will virtually guarantee a constant flood of highly-targeted traffic to your blogs. 

Even if Google slaps your site you won’t care, simply because you will have all the traffic you want!

“As You Can See, These Bonuses Are Simply Out Of This 

World. And Best Of All? You Get Them For FREE.”

What Are You Waiting For?

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‘Setting Up A WSO Like A Staar’ + The Mind-Blowing

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WSO Like A Staar 

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Secure payments  – Excellent customer support – Immediate access after purchase. 

Just imagine that you download the course and you digest the information sipping your favorite drink.

You read it carefully and then decide to apply all the steps I laid out in my guide.

You take some action and finally you get to launch your WSO and manage to sell HUNDREDS of copies.

This would naturally mean thousands of dollars sitting in your Paypal account.

Now tell me, how would you feel?

Wouldn't it be exciting and life-changing?

STOP imagining! Because all this is waiting for you if you decide to download a copy of my course!

And I’m Going To Take Things Even Further – I Will Let You Try

My Course 100% RISK-FREE…

Ironc-clad, Honest 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

I know that in the past you’ve purchased countless disappointing products and perhaps you’re skeptical right now.

It’s understandable. I would be feeling that way too.

But to show you my BLIND confidence in my course I will do one thing that will remove all your concerns (and any risk as well).

You can go ahead and download my course.

Take your time and digest all of the cool information.

Take action.

Then, if by any chance you’re not able to launch your WSO or you’re simply not satisfied with this exceptional course (which I doubt will happen) just come back here and let me know that you’re not satisfied.

I will refund you every last penny of your purchase.

I won’t ask stupid questions.

I won’t trick you or deceive you.

It’s simple – you’re THRILLED and completely JAZZED with my course or your money back.

This is the best way to show you that I’m super-confident that my product will definitely help you out.

Do we have a deal?

The Clock Is Ticking…Take Action Now.

At the $67 price point, the whole thing is a steal.

But – I can’t promise that this price or even my course will be here forever.

So it makes sense to be an action taker and purchase “ Setting Up A WSO Like A Staar ” RIGHT NOW.

Don’t delay! I assure you you’re going to be completely satisfied with your purchase…

That’s a promise.


REMEMBER – There’s no risk here.

And you will finally be able to launch your successful, money-making WSO really fast.

What are you waiting for?

Secure your copy NOW!

Now, to conclude I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

See you on the inside!

Sarah Staar

PS. You’ll have everything you need to know about launching your profit-sucking WSO and not only that, but also have the chance to receive two crazy and fascinating bonuses that are worth hundreds – completely free.

PPS. Also, remember that you’re protected by a solid 30-day money-back guarantee. There’s nothing you can lose, so secure your personal copy of my course NOW.

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