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Breakthrough method for quick win profits you can use now…

DISCOVER How An 80 Year Old Self-Confessed Business Opportunity Junkie With No Tech Skills And A Face For Radio Used YouTube To Make $11,375 In 35 Days... And This Was The First Money He's Ever Managed To Make Online!

And he's not the only one to do this and you can too...

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Under 1 Hour To Master

No Videos? No Problem!

Free YouTube traffic

Paid YouTube Traffic
One Penny Views

Hi Sarah Staar here,

Let me share with you a BIG secret

Over the last 12 months one of the biggest factors in my success and that of my students is YouTube.

In fact Nicholas at 80 years and 3 months old is not a one off success story. Nicholas is a self-confessed business opportunity junkie.

He freely admits to buying course after course, attending numerous seminars and NEVER making a penny online until…

I showed him (and a handful of my partners) how to harness the money making power of YouTube and he then went on to make $11,375 in 35 days using YouTube alone. This is the FIRST time Nicholas has made any money online and at over 80 years old he’s certainly no spring chicken!

And in this exclusive letter I’m going to give you the THREE Secret Keys to harnessing the power of video and YouTube to make thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars online EVEN if you’ve NEVER used video before.

Let Me Ask You A Question . . .

What thoughts enter your mind when I mention “Video” and “YouTube Marketing”?  Are they thoughts of excitement at the possibility of using this simple method to make money online?

Or do those negative thoughts creep in?

The self-doubt, and nagging negative self-talk, telling you that YouTube must be complicated to use and Video is too technical master?

Sound Familiar?

Let me help put those fears away and show you how simple it is to use YouTube and video to make money online…once you know the process.

What if I told you that YOU can be using YouTube to make BIG profits online…

  • Without a website of your own
  • Without any technical skills
  • Without having to be on camera yourself!

Would that excite you?

It certainly excited Nicholas and the other people I’ve shown how to use YouTube (the way I use it) as we are all making big money online by following my simple process which is UNLIKE anything you may have seen or read before about making money with YouTube.

In fact, in 2016, I grew my own email list to over 100,000 people which enabled me to make $1,003,768 in sales which was more than double what I made in 2015.

And the main thing that helped me to do that was YouTube.

Here are some facts that will blow your mind

  • Half of all internet users go to YouTube on a regular basis
  • 100 Hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • There are more than TWO BILLION views a day on YouTube
  • More Than SIX BILLION hours of video are watched every month on YouTube.

​​​​And that's why it should come as no surprise that I, and the people I am working with who make the most money, get our
BEST traffic and visitors from YouTube.

​​​​Here’s why you can get the BEST traffic for your offers from YouTube

​​​​People go to YouTube to search for ANSWERS.

They type their question into the search box at YouTube.com and then click on the videos to find the answer to their question.

They are looking for SOLUTIONS which means that the QUALITY of this person is FAR higher than Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social networks. 

And when they click they have proven to be red hot, ready to buy PREMIUM prospects (traffic) who are IDEAL for your offers.

I’ve seen this in my own business and with the partners I work with. Traffic from YouTube searches leads to a HIGHER of number sales.

And not only that… because the QUALITY of traffic is much better it also leads to sales of HIGHER priced products and service, products costing $2000 to $15,000 and more.

(Note: when I ask my customers how they heard of me or
found me, in 60% –70% of cases they told me

they first found out about me via YouTube!)

It’s a no brainer! And best of all? This is FREE traffic.
No advertising costs at all.


Although you can get insane amounts of quality, targeted FREE TRAFFIC from YouTube using my simple, easy to follow process there is also a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY for those in the know to take FULL advantage of paid advertising on YouTube.

​​​​Let me explain why.

Right now YouTube is an incredibly cheap price to advertise.


YouTube is practically begging for people to advertise with them.

And there’s a simple reason for that. YouTube is losing money hand over fist because to run a site with so much video being uploaded and watched every month costs an enormous amount.

Google bought YouTube back in 2006 paying $1.65 billion and this amount, coupled with the running costs (estimated at over $3 billion per year in 2016), means only a company like Google can afford to run it!

Because of this loss each year Google is desperately trying to get advertisers on-board to cover the costs and then make a profit.

However, because of the HUGE amount of video uploaded everyday it is almost impossible to sell all the advertising space they have available. YouTube can’t even fill a fraction of that space.

Which means a BIG OPPORTUNITY for us as advertisers.

In fact, it is very similar to how Google Adwords (pay per click) was 10+ years ago when people were paying as little as a penny per click.

It was a license to print money and many millionaires were made practically overnight!

And right NOW there is the same opportunity with advertising on YouTube. Over the next 12 to 18 months I predict that (just like Adwords) people will ride the low cost per click wave, fortunes will be made and millionaires created over night.

Especially those people who have a SIMPLE system to follow just like I and my partners do.

Now it’s your turn… 3 Secrets to
Making Massive Profits with YouTube


You don’t need any special technical skills to take advantage of YouTube & video.

I know this is a BIG reason why many people don’t get started using YouTube to send high quality targeted traffic to their offers… and nothing can be further from the truth.

Let me tell you why.

You may know that many years ago I ran a video production company. I had all the gear, multiple cameras, lighting and editing equipment costing tens of thousands. I use to film high end events, shows and more.

In fact back in 1998 I was talking about video on the internet BEFORE anyone else I know of!

However, it was this knowledge and expertise that nearly held me back from taking full advantage of making money on YouTube.

You see, because I had the knowledge and equipment, I often made it over complicated when shooting videos. I tried to make everything perfect, shooting video that would make Steven Spielberg jealous!

Here’s the secret…

​​​​You don’t need ANY technical skills to shoot video for
YouTube and make money online.

You can use your smartphone and ONE CLICK to upload it to YouTube.

Or you can get others to create the video for you for pennies!

The magic happens in the simple process you follow to create the video and what happens when it is uploaded (I’ll explain more in a minute.

Nicholas Haley

I can't believe it after years of not making any money online I finally cracked it.

In my first 35 days I made over $11,000!

I've got no technical skills and I didn't want to appear in any of my own videos.

I was still able to make huge profits with video hacker pro!


You don’t have to appear in the videos yourself if you don’t want to.

Listen, if the thought of appearing on camera doesn’t appeal to you then let me tell you, you are not alone. This is another reason why people don’t get started with YouTube and Video marketing.

What if I told you there are several different ways to create POWERFUL
money making videos without you having to appear in the video yourself?

Let me share something with you.

I use to be painfully shy.

It only seems like yesterday that I was working as a sales assistant in a local camera shop called Tenco (it was eventually bought by Jessops but that’s another story)

Whilst working there I was so painfully shy that when I was once asked to do an announcement over the tannoy I refused point blank!

So when I first started my online business and using online video you can imagine I was very reluctant to appear in my own videos (I was happy filming someone else but NOT me!)

However, I took a deep breath and started doing my own videos and got better each time … and so will you when you follow my simple step by step process.

And to get you started you can use one of the several different ways to create profit pulling video without you appearing in the video itself if you wish.


It takes years to master video marketing.

The final big secret to making a LOT of money with video on YouTube is to debunk the myth that it must take years to master everything?

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Remember Nicholas who is 80 years old and a self-confessed business opportunity junkie.

When he started using YouTube to bring red hot laser targeted traffic to his offers he made $11,375 in 35 days.

As long as you have a simple plan to follow and a step by step process to copy you can be using YouTube in just a few hours AND making money online very quickly

Imagine logging into your email every day and seeing hordes of people joining your email list and buying the offers you make them to then EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Imagine seeing the money flow into your bank account.

Let me tell you…

This is not fantasy; it’s reality for me and the people I work with who follow my simple process.

And what's more, using my step by step methods you can make big money online with video...

  • Without a website of your own
  • Without creating the videos yourself
  • Without appearing in any videos if you don’t want to
  • AND…. without creating your own products!

All you do follow a PROVEN simple step by step system, in just a few hours a week and then watch the money flow in.

I know you’re looking for the best way to make money online now and and YouTube is a FANTASTIC opportunity for you to do that… If you do it the RIGHT WAY.

Right Now You Can Skip The Whole Learning Curve With The BEST

PROVEN Program To Mastering YouTube Traffic That’s Ever Been Released...

I have never released a program on this subject before and certainly haven’t revealed my simple step by step process for making money from video and YouTube outside of the clients and partners I work with.

One of the reasons I haven’t done this is because video and YouTube have been one of the major factors to my success online as an Internet Marketer and I wanted to keep my secret process, well, secret.

However, as you’ve seen, because of the amount of video being uploaded and viewed on YouTube (that keeps on growing) there’s a huge opportunity on YouTube RIGHT NOW and I can only scratch the surface myself.

Because of this massive demand, and because there’s just so much money to be made from YouTube I have spent the last few months creating, updating and refining a brand new programme just for you.

Introducing Video Hacker Pro

Under 1 Hour To Master

No Videos? No Problem!

Free YouTube traffic

Paid YouTube Traffic
One Penny Views

There are two parts to Video Hacker Pro

Part One
Fast and Simple Video Creation

Part Two
Video Cash Doubler

Let's Dive in and Take a Look at Part One

Discover How To Make Regular Money Online Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!”

In Part One I show you how to create videos that you can use to promote ANY product. That can be a product you own or an affiliate product you make money from the commissions paid when you make a sale.

I give you the EXACT steps to follow to have your videos created by other people via sites such as Fiverr.com (that’s just ONE site you can use there are others that I’ll share with you).

You’ll know exactly what to ask for, the best places to get various types of videos recorded such as Powerpoint videos, white board videos, using face to camera actors, voiceover and more!

And you’ll be very surprised at just how LITTLE they cost to be created.

I showed a client of mine to do this and they had one video created for $11 that brought in over $4936.25 in profit and continues to make sales for them to this day!

One simple video I paid $45 for has brought in over $7,500.

The world is full of talented people who are willing to offer their services to you and are happy to do so because you pay them what they ask (which are very small amounts)… you then use the video to bring in the BIG PROFITS in your business.

It’s a win-win situation; they’re happy to get paid and you make money online!

Now, as your confidence grows you may want to start to appear in your own videos. Remember you don’t have to, however if you do you’ll see another upturn in sales as people start to related to YOU as a person.

In this section I give you the BLUEPRINT to making VERY POWERFUL in person videos using simple easy to use equipment such as your smart phone or a low cost video camera.

I also give you a video script template to follow to make it so easy.

I’ll show you where to get the free and low cost tools you may want to use in your video creation…heck, in many cases you have some of these in your home already. These tools allow you to ‘cheat’ at filming and produce simple, yet very powerful videos that are on par with the pros!

I show you all the behind the scenes techniques to filming in your car, in a local park, on the beach, a busy public place and more.

You will the then see my simple fast editing tricks that will add that little “extra” spark to your videos before you upload them to YouTube.

I’ve left nothing out and it’s all in a complete easy to follow system that you can take and use immediately to see results fast and cash coming in quickly.

Next… we’ll move on to Part One Module 2 and this is called:

The Page One Video System

As you know, Google owns YouTube.

And Google wants to make YouTube profitable, heck they want to increase income any way they can!

“Do you think that Google ranks YouTube videos high in its own search engines?”

Absolutely it does.

Now imagine this…you create your video (or have it create for you).

Upload it to YouTube and following simple process you know how to get a page one listing on Google Search.

For ANY Keyword

At ANY time.

Imagine how powerful this would be.

And imagine how much money you could make!

That is what I show you how to do in this module.

The EXACT steps to get your videos on page one of Google.

Every single time.

And the beauty of this process?

You follow the process once, get your video ranked on page one, and you continue to get paid over and over for years to come.

I have videos I shot back in 2012 that are still making me affiliate sales to this day. One client of mine has a video he made in 2009 that sends traffic and visitors to his opt in page building his list every single week!

Follow the simple steps and you will see the same success with sales being made and money into your bank account.

​​​​And finally in Part One is Module Three — Reverse Video Profits

I like keeping things simple, and more importantly, I only want to do things that virtually guarantee my success.

Here’s what I do to guarantee success with my videos and page one ranking.

I search for my competitors’ online and see what videos they have ranked on page one already.

The using my Reverse Video Profits process I completely re-engineer everything they’ve done to get onto page one!

I then use that information for my own videos and beat them at their own game getting a high spot on page one of Google; often beating them to the top spot… all in a fraction of the time they took!

I’ve left nothing out of Part One of Video Hacker Pro and you will have the blueprint to creating cash producing videos whether you shoot them yourself or have others do it for you.

I show you how to create videos that pull in quality targeted traffic for you overs and visitors who will buy your products or buy your affiliate recommendations.

Videos that help you build your email list fast. Importantly, you’ll learn what types of videos DON’T work so you won’t waste any of your valuable time creating duds that won’t make you sales and commissions.

And of course, you’ll know how to get your videos ranked on page one of google which means they’ll be RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR IDEAL PROSPECTS.

Everything in part one means you have FREE TRAFFIC coming to your offers and not just any free traffic. These are TARGETED hot prospects with money to buy and are looking for the solutions you offer.

It’s like getting free money with free traffic every single day!

Now, let’s move onto Part Two of Video Hacker Pro 

Video Cash Doubler

Here’s something to think about.

If I asked you for $1 and then gave you $2 back how often would you do this?

All day long, 365 days of the year is the answer.

You’d be doubling your money every time I gave you $2 back! That’s one of the secrets to how I made seven figures last year.

How about if you gave me $1 and I gave you $10 back each time?

You’d soon figure out how to more that wouldn’t you!


In Video Cash Doubler I show you EXACTLY how to do just that. First I’ll show you how to invest $1 to get $2 back every time. Then you’ll discover the secrets to investing $1 and getting $10 back.

You see, I’ve made YouTube pay per click advertising as simple as copy and paste.


If you can copy and paste an email then you can do this, all day long!

And because of the huge amount of advertising clicks available on YouTube the costs are staggeringly low with clicks available for as little as a penny a time.

In this step by step training you have a massive edge over the competition because you are getting REAL WORLD experience given to you in an easy to follow system. I’m doing this day in and day out, every day and it’s the same system I use in my business and the one I give to my partners and private clients.

In fact I don’t know of any other Guru’s who are teaching this process because, frankly, they have a scarcity mindset and selfishly keep the information to themselves.

As you’ve seen with YouTube the opportunity is huge and there’s just no way in a million years could I reach everyone I wanted to…heck I could spend a million dollars a day and still only scratch the surface!

So What’s My Secret to Advertising on YouTube That Makes it So Simple and PROFITABLE?

Here it is.

I use two very powerful but simple to use software products that I had created.

Look, I have NO idea how to create software myself BUT I knew what I wanted to make YouTube advertising easier to use; so I commissioned a brilliant programmer to create two software tools for me to use in my business.

And here’s what they do for me in a nutshell.

The first tells me the EXACT keywords people are searching for in YouTube

The second piece of software tells me where to advertise in YouTube for the biggest bang for my buck and it’s shockingly simple to use. I start the software and when it sees a promotion opportunity based on my keywords and criteria it gives me a traffic light based result.

Red, I keep away from; Amber, I investigate further and Green is go for it!

That’s it.

As you can imagine this software is VERY powerful but deceptively easy to use.

When you invest in Video Hacker Pro you’ll have access to BOTH of these software programs along with step by step instructions on how to use them in your business.

My only stipulation is that you don’t share them with anyone else. They are for you and your fellow Video Hacker Pro members and one of the reasons I am considering limiting the number of people I can give access to the programs. (If you come back and the software is no longer available then I’m sorry… I don’t want thousands of people using it. I hope you understand)

As you can see I’ve left NOTHING out or to chance with Video Hacker Pro.

This is the first time I’ve ever released a product like this and with everything I do I wanted to make sure you have all you need to make money from YouTube.

No half measures.

No wondering what to do next or how to do it.

EVERTHING is given to you in a simple step by step system.

Imagine this… you invest in video hacker pro and within 7 days you are in profit and making money from YouTube!

Fast Action Profit Bonus

Although everything you need to make money from YouTube is include in Video Hacker Pro I wanted to make it no brainer decision for you to invest in AND to start making money quickly.

So here’s what I’m going to do for people who make the decision to join me quickly.

Imagine if you had your own TV studio with recording equipment and staff to do the filming and editing.

Imagine you had talented actors working for you.

And imagine if you had these actors review products for you and the film crew record the presentation then edit it afterwards?

Imagine no more!

Here’s what I’ve got for you when you take quick action and invest in Video Hacker Pro today.

I’m giving you fully optimised videos in three of the HOTTEST YouTube markets.

In each video bundle you will get…

  • A set of ready to use videos I commissioned using skilled actors.
  • A list of the top earning affiliate offers to promote.
  • A fully optimised squeeze page. This is a page to send your traffic to from your video so people can opt into YOUR list before going to the affiliate offer.
  • A lead magnet PDF report that will encourage people to opt into your email list and download the report.
  • A series of email autoreposnders for hot selling affiliate offers you can plug and play immediately… just add you link!
  • A choice of highly converting banner ads to appear on YouTube promoting YOUR offer to the hundreds of millions of visitors on YouTube.

All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions in Video Hacker Pro, upload your videos (simple to do) and watch the traffic come to your site, join your email list, and buy the products you recommend!


This is brand new content I’ve had developed personally just for you and if you were to do this yourself it would cost you at least $1,000 and you get it with my compliments when you invest in Video Hacker Pro today.

What’s Your Investment In Video Hacker Pro?

When I put this program together I knew I could charge $997 or more, especially with the Fast Profit Bonus, however that would put it out of reach of many of the people who need it the most.

Here’s what I’ve decided to do.

Invest in Video Hacker Pro today and you’ll get the complete two part program including lifetime access to the two powerful software programs I use in my business AND the Fast Action Profit Bonus video for one payment of $497 

Invest in Video Hacker Pro today
One payment of $497

This is a very small amount to invest in a brand new program that virtually guarantees you’ll be making money online in one of the hottest online sites today. It’s the equivalent of $1.36 over the next twelve months... I can’t buy my favourite coffee for that small amount!

However I do reserve the right to remove the Fast Action Profit Bonus video and the software programs at any time

Immediate Access

As soon as you invest in Video Hacker Pro you’ll have immediate online access to the program and everything I’ve talked about today.

In just a few minutes from now you implanting what I show you and over the next few days start to see people visiting your offers, sales being made and money coming into your bank account!

Money Back Guarantee

I firmly believe that Video Hacker Pro can take you by the hand and have you making money on YouTube that I guarantee your success and offer you a full money back guarantee if you feel that it’s not everything I promised and more. If within 30 days you are not 100% satisfied with all I’m sharing with you then let me know and you’ll receive a 100% refund.

You Now Have A Choice

The opportunity to make money on YouTube is MASSSIVE and continues to grow with more and more video being uploaded on a daily basis.

If you’ve ever struggled to make money online then this is the PERFECT opportunity for you to take action and make first commissions online.

If Nicholas at 80 years old can use YouTube to make $11,375 in 35 days then I know that Video Hacker Pro will do the same for you.

Or imagine what will happen if you don’t invest in Video Hacker Pro? For me nothing will change. I and my clients will still be making big profits from YouTube using my simple system.

​​​​What will change for you?

My worst fear is that you’ll look back in several months’ time. Still struggling to make money online wishing you’d got started making money on YouTube quicker.

Remember, making money online with Video Hacker Pro is ideal for you if…

  • Don't have ANY prior online marketing or YouTube experience!
  • Don't have a website, a product to sell OR EVEN an email list!
  • Feel COMPLETELY lost and don't have a clue on what to make videos about!
  • Are TERRIBLE in front of a camera and couldn't shoot a video to save your life!
  • HATE buying ads and don't have any money to spend on traffic!
  • Have a YouTube channel but it gets NO VIEWS and barely makes a few pennies per month!

I consider Video Hacker Pro one of the best programs I have released.

With everything that’s included there’s no way you can’t make money following what I show you in my easy to follow step-by-step system

It’s a no fail system.

Invest in Video Hacker Pro today

One payment of $497

Reserve your copy today.

I look forward to helping you make your first money online and then go onto make BIG profits online over the coming weeks and months.


Sarah Staar

P.S. Don’t delay as I will be increasing the price of Video Hacker Pro and then removing the software programs and the Fast Action Profit Bonus videos as more people invest in the program.

P.P.S You actually have nothing to lose with my money back guarantee. Invest in the program today, use the Fast Action Profit Videos, follow my system and you’ll see sales fast. If it doesn’t perform as I say it will and you don’t see money coming into your bank account then simply ask for a refund using my Money Back Guarantee option above.

What you do in the next few minutes will determine how successful you are online and ultimately how much money you have coming into your bank account.

It’s the choices we make that determine to path we take in life.

Make the right choice and join myself and my clients who are making money every day on YouTube!

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