Here is a Break Down of The Entire Program:

Component #1:  8 steps to start selling high ticket online courses as an affiliate ($1,997 Value)

Week 1 Market Research

In this module you'll discover the best markets and niche is to go into.

This will ensure that you are able to make high ticket sales quickly.

Week 2 Product research

Discover all of the high ticket products available in your niche and the people behind them.

Week 3 Your JV Network

Pick a topic within your niche, this will be a interview series which will be used to build your email list.

Start contacting influences to interview.

This will build your email list very quickly and start making you sales.

Week 4 Creating content

Interview 5 to 10 influences within your niche.

You can plan to record one interview per week, or get them all done in a couple of days if you wish.

Continue building relationship with influential people in your market.

Week 5 Tech Setup

Edit and upload your interviews these can be video or audio.

Build your website and set up your landing pages. You can use the templates that we provide for your landing pages.

Set up your email auto responder, simply follow the step-by-step training Sarah provides.

Week 6 Lead Generation

In week six your start to get everybody you interviewed to start promoting your product.

This will start to rapidly build your email list and also start to make you sales.

Week 7 The Affiliate Funnel

In week seven you will start offering high ticket products from the 10 influences you interviewed to everybody on your list.

Week 8 Traffic

In week eight you're learn about advanced traffic techniques to further build your list.

Component #2:  Live one-on-one coaching call with Sarah Staar  ($2,000 value)

Get access to Live one-on-one coaching call with Sarah Staar
 so that you can ask any questions about your weekly modules and report back on your progress.

Component #3:  7x Weekly module summary cheat sheet PDF downloads
($297 value)

Each week you'll be out to download a PDF cheat sheet which will tell you exactly what you need to get done that week.

This PDF document includes detailed instructions images and a summary of your homework each week.

Fast Action Bonus #1:  The ultimate technical guide 
($497 value)

Detailed step-by-step video guide on using the tools you need to sell high-end affiliate products.

Fast Action Bonus #2:  Ultimate affiliate masterclass Live:
($1997 value)

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