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Armand Morin

Brett McFall

Chris Freville

Javaid Kiyani

John Jonas

Mark Anastasi

Mark Vurnum

Martin Avis

Paul Elliot

Reed Floren

Shawn Casey

Steven Essa

From: Dave Ingram (6 Figure Marketer, Acclaimed Author, And Internet Marketing Coach.)

Subject: How Would You Like To Copy The Success Of 12 Millionaire Marketers?

Dear Colleague,

Years ago I was like you, wondering where to start in creating a successful online business.

Should I just try out one of my ideas?


Should I copy what someone else was doing, but with some extra refinements ?

As Sarah Staar’s business partner I had a unique opportunity to learn with the best !

It was Sarah that persuaded me to copy what another Internet Marketer had done, and to write an ebook on how to build and run an online TV station.

And then to promote it by writing a review article and post it on a website used by online magazines to source articles.

That strategy made me just over $60,000 in 5 months !!

But of course I am smarter than that…...

So I did an advertising deal with an online magazine that claimed to have a big readership in my target market.

Didn’t work !!

Total waste of time and money.

Their readership claims were total rubbish - I was conned !!

You've probably been hearing the same thing over and over again:

"If you want to make money and be successful with Internet Marketing, you should follow the steps of those who are making a killing."

While this is partly true, most "gurus" and "experts" forget to tell you about the HOW of following the steps of these successful marketers.

The thing is...

If you want to copy them, you gotta pay attention to every move they ever made and spend TONS of hours in reverse engineering of the whole process.

But The Question Is...Who's Able To Have So Much Free Time To Do This?

Here's the undeniable FACT:

Tracking, following, and then reverse engineering those who are making serious money is time consuming.

And, there's no guarantee that you will replicate their same success.

  • Because you don’t have the same software.
  • Because you don’t have their experience.
  • Because sometimes its the details (the bits you don't see) that make the difference.
I know this because I work very closely with Sarah. 

You know, Sarah and I spend hours each week going through campaigns and products and processes working out together where we can improve on them.

"The devil is in the detail"

You could spend your whole life trying to "imitate" millionaire marketers and still not make a penny.

And to be quite frank with you...

Who's going to give you back all of those hours and money you've spent in the process?

Listen, you don't know it yet but...

Things are about to drastically change for the better for you.

Today, I Am Going To Offer YOU The Unique Chance To See 12 Millionaire Marketers Talking About How They Became Successful Internet Marketers

I managed to interview 12 self-made millionaire marketers that are not only famous, but are still generating shedloads of money while you are reading this.

Now, these are not posers or "fly by night" marketers with no track record..

These 12 millionaire marketers are walking the talk and their success is more than evident - they are truly being a success each and every day! 

Now, I want you to pay attention because YOU will...

  • Get to know the secrets of their success.
  • Accelerate your own business growth.
  • Be acquiring the successful Internet Marketers Mindset.
  • And You WON’T be making the same mistakes you have been !
You Will Know It's Possible to Achieve Your Dreams and Desires
Millionaire Video Interviews©
Millionaire Video Interviews© is a unique, exclusive set of high-quality interviews with 12 renowned millionaire marketers where they reveal their secrets, strategies, techniques, and killer methods that made them what they are today... self-made millionaire marketers.
There's NOTHING like this out there.
Now you have the chance to learn marketing insights that you just can't learn anywhere else...and the best part is that you will learn ONLY from the pros who are truly making truckloads of cash each and every month with their online marketing businesses!
Here's a glimpse of what's waiting for you in these exciting and unique set of insightful interviews...

Millionaire Video Interviews©

Interview #1

Armand Morin
Armand Morin is a very well know and renowned marketer who is well versed in the art of PLR (private label rights.)
In this high-quality interview he's going to show you with crystal-clear advice both how and why you should add your own sales funnel so that you can increase conversions in a way that you would never have thought possible. What's more, he's going to reveal to you the exact way to exploit the immense power of the joint venture to ramp up your revenue and make you really successful 

Interview #2

Brett McFall
Brett is the KING of copywriters and he's going to show you WHY successful copywriters don't need things they've learned in school. Watch closely as he gives you solid advice that will drastically improve your copywriting skills (one of the most vital skills you will need to master if you truly want to make it in this business.)

Interview #3

John Jonas
John Jonas is known as the authority in outsourcing and when he talks you should definitely pay attention to his words. If you are into outsourcing then you will simply love this interview where John opens the curtains behind his million-dollar outsourcing business and reveals the secrets that will also transform you into an outsourcing superstar.

Interview #4

Mark Anastasi
There's no doubt that social media is a devastatingly powerful marketing weapon that if used properly, can catapult you to success in the blink of an eye. Mark Anastasi is simply the MASTER of social media and when it comes to this marketing technique he has no rival. He openly shares with you the secrets that made him millions.

Interview #5

Martin Avis
We could safely qualify Martin as successful public speaker, talented copywriter, and a master communicator. 
What's more, he's the creator of Kickstart newsletters! In this amazing and inspiring interview he shares the three most important recommendations on how to successfully build a global online business fast.

Interview #6

Reed Floren
Most of the marketers know Reed because he's a top-gun product creator, master list builder, solo ad renegade, and a true JV specialist. He's launched a myriad of high-quality products that were TOP SELLERS and made him a fortune. In this tremendously exciting interview he discloses the BIGGEST list building mistake that most people are committing and also WHY the vast majority of list building courses are PLAIN wrong.

Interview #7

Chris Freville
I think that you already know Chris Freville and his ways to make money and create successful businesses over and over again. 
He's a master at teaching newbies how to get their products out there to generate off-the-charts revenues. He will spill the beans and teach you the two single things that you need to implement in order to immediately profit online...you will simply LOVE this killer interview!

Interview #8

Dr. Javaid Kiyani
Dr. Javaid is not your typical marketer. He has a doctorate in engineering and he's constantly using his scientific knowledge to make endless profits as a product creator and also as a successful Internet Marketer. 
Also, he's know as the "traffic master" and he loves free traffic (hey, who doesn't?) Sit and watch because I promise that this heart-stopping interview is jam-packed with golden nuggets!

Interview #9

Shawn Casey
Shawn, the authority when it comes to this business and he talks about his cash-pumping market model, cut-throat lead generation techniques, and also deeply explores the interconnection between offline marketing models and modern day internet traffic-generation strategies.

Interview #10

Mark Vernum
In this exclusive interview Mark talks about his successful business and how's he able to exploit FREE traffic from social media sites and direct it to a myriad of different offers just by hiring Filipino workers (talk about a hands-free way to milk cash off the internet.)

Interview #11

Paul Elliot
If you are into creating the proper mindset for an online business that virtually prints money, then you gotta listen to Paul, who is a true EXPERT. There's no doubt that the right mindset can take you far in this game, so that's why he teaches you the right skills that are vital for creating a cash-inducing online business. What's more, he also reveals secrets about cutting edge technologies that you can take advantage of to maximize your profits.

Interview #12

Steven Essa
It is no secret that webinars are all the rage right now... and for a good reason: they are insanely profitable if you use the right methods. Steven is the "Webinar Guru" directly imported from Australia. Steven constantly exploits the power of webinars to make hefty profits and he will talk about killer, profitable, and easy-to-apply ideas that you can copy-paste for your online business!
Are You Excited?
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You know, I was talking to Sarah the other day and I said “You make Internet Marketing seem so easy and you are so successful at it”

Sarah replied “but you forget all those things I did that weren’t successful. Every failure I have had has been when I thought I knew better than everyone else and didn’t follow an already existing successful model”

And that’s the real value of these interviews !

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Thank you for taking your time in reading this...I know you are busy.

To your success,

Dave Ingram

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