REVEALED: How To Build 
A $60,000 Income, In Only Sixty Minutes Per Day,
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With No Email List, Solo Ads, Products or Complicated Software

I’m dyslexic.

I was the kid at school that the teachers said would never amount to anything.

And for a long-time I believed it.

There’s only so many times you can be told something, before you begin to believe it.

But... there’s nothing more satisfying than proving all the naysayers wrong.

Which I did just over ten years ago.

You see, the internet is global, it’s always changing.


Online, people aren’t worried if there’s a spelling mistake, they’re worried about whether you can help them build an online business, and how quickly you can help them adapt to the ever-present changes.

And because I like to test, test, test… I often find new online techniques to make money before anybody else.

If you stand still for a few months online, heck if you stand still for a few weeks, you get left behind.

Google are always updating their algorithm.

Facebook ads are always changing.

Email marketing is becoming more difficult.

Which is why I make it my business to always be testing and trying new things.

I’m always looking for new ways to make money online.

Did You Know 99% Of All Marketing Strategies Fail?

Just turn up to any event, everyone is full of stories about strategies they’ve tried that haven’t worked.

Without any doubt, the majority of marketing strategies simply don’t work.

In the worst case, people sell courses which stopped working ten or more years ago!

Building an online business means being ahead of everyone else.

Over the last six months, I’ve been working flat-out on finding a new way to use Facebook advertising.

Facebook is the new Google. They’re becoming uber-restrictive, and to get ads that actually make money is nigh-on impossible.

When you finally get a profitable ad, you’ve got to change the images more frequently than a model changes clothes in a fashion show.

Every single day you’ve got to monitor them, find new images, and write new ads, or you’ll find that within days they’re no longer profitable.

If I wasn’t British, I’d be screaming.

Instead, six months ago, I was very British-ly quietly tearing my hair out.

There simply wasn’t enough hours in the day to keep my profitable Facebook campaigns profitable!

Obviously, the solution was to outsource all the work!

But The Truth Is… Finding A Good Outsourcer Is Just Depressingly Difficult..

I’ve got a number of people who work with me in my business, you probably know some of them by name, but bringing in a new outsourcer is so hard, you’ve got to wonder if it’s worth it.

If you’ve tried it, you’ll know that most outsourcers…

  • Don’t turn up
  • Don’t respond to messages
  • Do things wrong
  • Don’t ask questions
  • Disappear at the most important moments
  • Just want to make a quick dollar

And that's before you give them access to an advertising account where they could spend thousands of dollars of your money!

So… I tried to do everything myself.

Which ended in me working 16 hours a day.

Not the definition of freedom and fun.

I was tired, burned out, and needed a rest.

Even when you have a successful online business, things aren’t always plain sailing.

The big named guru’s make life look like a permanent holiday. Everything’s always great. Everything’s always easy.

Kinda like people do on their personal Facebook pages.

But that’s never the case.

Whatever The Gurus Say, Life And Business Has Up’s And Down’s

It certainly does for me, and everybody I’ve ever known.

If you want a successful business, if you want it to keep growing, if you want to keep being successful, you must keep trying new things and implementing new strategies.

This way you’re never relying on a single source of income.

The guys who used blackhat SEO used to rely purely on Google traffic to make their money.

Then Google slapped them. They went from earning millions to nothing overnight, and they had no idea what to do next!

I never want that to happen to me, and I sure as hell don’t want it to happen to you.

You’re reading this, which means I have a responsibility to you to make sure that you succeed.

Whether you’re just starting out, or already making money online, it’s my job to make sure you have the latest strategies, techniques and methods to grow your business.

So I knew I had to find a solution to Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms and rules.

That’s when I began to wonder…

What If I Stopped Focusing On Conversion!

That changed everything.

The most important of any online campaign is trust.

When you’ve never met most of the people you talk with, being able to trust them is everything.

That’s why I became the anti-guru.

  • You don’t need huge audiences.
  • You don’t want massive customer lists
  • You don’t need complicated software

All you need is seventeen people each month to spend $300 with you, and you’re earning $60,000 per year.

To do that, you need to engage with the right people.

Which is what I was telling Dave one evening over dinner when I froze.

My fork was half-way to my mouth.

My eyes glazed over.

My brain drifted off.

That was the answer.

One simple sentence.

Actually… one simple word, in a sentence over a meal, while talking about work.

Just one word was the solution I’d been looking for. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before!

That one word was... ‘engaging’.

If you take most email lists, the average open rate is 10%.

Only 10% of an email list is actually engaged in the content.

Or... 90% of an email marketers audience isn’t engaged with them.

Exactly the same is true with Facebook ads!

Look at any Facebook ad statistics, and compare the comments to the views. It takes hundreds, or thousands, of views to get a single engagement.

To get one person who’s interested enough to click a link or leave a comment, means you need thousands of people seeing the advert.

That’s why ads stop working so quickly.

You Need To Stop Wasting Your Time And Money

What’s the point in contacting people who aren’t engaged?


You don’t need huge numbers of people.

You just need the right people.

The people who are serious about their business.

The people who are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

And, you only need seventeen of them each month to make $60,000 a year.

I needed to find a way to show ads only to the people who were engaged and ready to buy.

I only wanted to target the seventeen people each month that would spend $300.

The question was… how?!

Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction.

Luckily for me, it came just at the right time. I was about to throw it all in and have a few weeks off in frustration.

Instead, I jumped in the car to spend a quiet lunch on my own, in a small French village down the road from my home.

It’s out of the way and peaceful. Just a few locals, me, and the owner.

I fought the niggle in my brain to get my laptop out. Instead, I enjoyed my food and watched other people.

The first thing the owner did when you sat down was to bring you a coffee.

No charge, just on the house as a “welcome”.

It Was Like A Slap In The Face

We give away things all the time in internet marketing, it’s how we build an audience.

But this was different. A veil had been lifted from my eyes.

It was so simple.

I grabbed my phone, made a quick video, put it on Facebook, and created an ad in the next twenty minutes.

All while I was eating my lunch.

There’s no point hanging around with an idea. No point trying to make it perfect. You need to know if it works. Just test it as quickly as possible, which was exactly what I had done.

I finished my coffee and lunch, got in the car, and headed home.

That’s what I saw when I next logged into Facebook.

One look at a video which had reached 16,044 people, had 606 engagements and is even shared 22 times, and I knew I’d stumbled on a goldmine.

Nobody ever shared sales videos… until now!

I was doing something that nobody else was doing yet.

A Huge, Open-Wide, Opportunity

Since that day I’ve perfected and simplified the technique.

I’ve tested it in multiple markets.


It works in any market, with any audience.

By laser-targeting the people who are going to spend money, you can make as much as 198% profit instantly.

Even better… you don’t have to guess who the right people are. The process finds them for you on auto-pilot.

What this means for you is…

You can immediately, today, find the people who are going to purchase a product, and advertise only to them.

That’s right; cut your advertising spend by 75% and make 198% profit.

  • STOP continuously looking for new images
  • STOP testing hundreds of ads to find one that works
  • STOP needing a mailing list with thousands of people on it

You Could Be Making Hundreds Of Dollars In Commissions, In As Little As 24 Hours

…by using Micro Ad Secrets, and directly targeting the buyers in your market!

I’m already using this technique every day in my business, and it’s a 100% game-changer.

The cost of advertising has gone down.

Conversion rates have increased.

Commissions have increased.

Earnings have increased.

I’m spending just ten or fifteen minutes a day managing the existing campaigns, and a bit of time creating new ones.

Every time I start a new campaign I know it’s going to work before I begin, and there’s enough to go around for everybody, because nobody’s doing this yet!

As you know, it’s my job to create, experiment, trial and test new ideas for you.

When I find something that works, I will tell you about it.

This Has Been The Biggest Discovery This Year!

Using this sixty-minute-technique, you can easily build yourself $60,000 dollars a year income.

Nothing else required.

Spend a bit more time, and six figures is easily achievable.

But, like everything online, the people who make the most money are the ones who start using a new method before it’s saturated.

The early-adopters reap the benefits.

It’s the same in any business.

If you’d invested in Facebook, Twitter or Bitcoin in the early days, you’d have reaped the benefits.

If you were online when Google had no ad compliance and no quality score, you’d have made a fortune.

If you’d built an email list when email newsletters were new, and you could get thousands of high quality active leads, without spamming, for just a few dollars, you’d be a power-house now.

This is no different.

More and more people will discover this technique.

They’ll discover how powerful it is.

And as more people discover it, Facebook will increase the cost of advertising like this, and the rewards will be reduced.

By being an early-adopter you have the opportunity to cash in before that happens.

It doesn’t matter if you want to:

  • Make instant affiliate commissions
  • Build a mailing list who eagerly await your emails
  • Generate a slavering group of Facebook fanatics

You can send this traffic wherever you want it to go.

Once you know how to target the folk who want to buy, you can send them wherever you like.

Because the key is…

You’re only advertising to the people who want what you’re selling.

Start putting in front of people exactly what they want, and get paid to do it!

It’s Time To Stop Struggling

Guru’s say you need huge audiences, gigantic social media followings, and massive email lists to make money online.

They say you have to sell products worth thousands of dollars, get on the phone to clients, and even do stage presentations.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to do any of that.

I want an easy life.

Using Micro Ad Secrets, we talk to the people we know want to hear from you and buy your products.

This removes any need for large lists.

You don’t need to support people who are never going to spend money with you.

Simplify your business in three easy steps.

  1. 1
    Create a micro ad (60 minutes)
  2. 2
    Send your highly engaged audience to a product*
  3. 3
    Make commissions

* Or build a mailing list or fanbase on any platform you want.

You won’t need anything else.

Stop paying for lots of software.

Stop wondering which strategy you should use.

Stop overwhelm from preventing your success.

Stop confusion paralyzing you.

Successful internet marketers are only successful because…

  • They simplify their processes
  • They only implement what directly makes them money or increases their audiences love for them
  • Once they have a single strategy that works, they rinse and repeat

Micro Ad Secrets gives you the simplified process.

All you need to do is rinse and repeat what’s inside, and sit back while your commissions roll in.

You won’t need anything else.

Your stress levels will reduce, and you’ll start to see results.

The time you’re spending trying new approaches, wondering if it’s going to work, can now be spent with your friends and family, or simply creating new Micro Ads.

The choice is yours.

Because when you have a method that works, you have…


That’s what we all want.

The freedom to make our own choices about what we do.

The freedom to be able to buy the things we want to.

The freedom to spend our time as we wish.

In order to achieve freedom, you only need one method that works.

And Micro Ad Secrets is that method.

Using it, I built an audience of 1900 people who were interested in a product I was promoting.

This cost $287.27. Just $0.15 per person!

I then got rid of everybody who wasn’t hyper engaged and ready-to-buy, which I’ll show you exactly how to do inside the training (takes about ten minutes).

Then I ran a Facebook advert to these hyper-engaged, ready-to-buy people.

I spent $168.22 in advertising on the hyper-engaged campaign.

The result?

Yes, you’re reading that right.

I made $1348.75 in sales from that advert.

A profit of $893.26 over just seven days!

But that’s just the start, because... as you can see in the images above... this campaign is still running!

I’m Getting $2.96 Back For Every Dollar I Spend On This Campaign

It’s the dream.

And I’m going to show you the exact steps I use to do this again and again and again.

Inside Micro Ad Secrets you’ll...

  • Discover how to make commissions in less than 24 hours
  • Learn why you don’t need an email list
  • Find unknown secret to target only the people who want to buy
  • Cut the cost of your ads by 90%
  • Get top converting ads with zero split-testing
  • Build a rabid fanbase of buyers
  • Get a relationship with customers before they buy from you
  • Reach more of the people who spend money
  • Increase your conversion rates by as much as 20%
  • Stop wasting your money shouting at those who aren’t interested
  • Be able to send customers direct to affiliate products
  • Build an email list with only engaged leads
  • Create a rabid fanbase of buyers
  • Position yourself as an expert overnight
  • Discover what products your market are desperate to buy
  • Uncover how to record the perfect video from your phone
  • Be able to follow step-by-step to your first profitable campaign
  • Gain an unfair advantage by being an early adopter
  • Hyper-charge your relationship building
  • Have people begging you to sell them something
  • Be making your first Micro Ad instantly

And that’s not all!

Early Adopters Bonuses

Everything you need to make $60,000 a year, or more, is already included. But, as an early adopter, I want to show you how you can add to this income, and easily push your earnings into six figures.

These bonuses will only be available to the early adopters. When I officially launch Micro Ad Secrets, these will have been removed.

BONUS #1: 3X Profit Booster

The 3X Profit Booster gives you the fifty highest converting affiliate products in existence.

There’s nothing to think about.

Pick one from the list and 3X your revenue by using Micro Ad Secrets with it.

I’ve tested them all for you, and they convert faster than rocket fuel.

Simply load up one product into a micro ad each day for fifty days, and become a super-affiliate in less than two months.

  • No emailing.
  • No solo ads.
  • No product creation.
  • No customer support.

Just money in your pocket.

BONUS #2: Facebook Page Profits

Inside Facebook Page Profits, I’m sharing with you the exact steps I use to build a Facebook Page fanbase, and how to get them to thank you for sending them promotions!

You don’t need huge numbers of people.

You just need engaged people.

Using our micro ads to create a Facebook Page following, we can promote to them again and again and again.

And, with this easy 5-step approach, you’ll keep them on edge waiting for your next post.

  • Simple to use.
  • Build a fanbase who want you to promote to them.
  • Create an engaged Facebook Page you can sell.

I’ve Never Shared This Information With Anybody Before

Enter your text here...Which is why for early adopters, I’m also cutting the cost by 85%.

I want you to share your success stories with me.

This will be released later this year at $1997.

But, as an early adopter, I’m not asking for that, even though you could make that back in just two weeks.

I’m not even asking $997.

Because it’s so important to me to get your success stories, I’m making Micro Ad Secrets available for just $497, or two payments of $297.

In return for this, all I ask is that you send me your success story to use when I officially launch this training.

Remember, you only need seventeen buyers each month to make $60,000 per year!

Imagine getting your first campaign up and running in the next few hours, and making $1348.75 in sales in the next seven days.

Secure Your Place Now

As soon as you register for Micro Ad Secrets, you’ll get immediate access to the online members area, which contains all of your training.

You can be up and running just a few minutes from now, and see money coming into your bank account within the next week!

I can’t wait to show you the method that’s currently responsible for 90% of the profits for my multi-million dollar business.

All the best,

Sarah Staar