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With Sarah Staar

And Nigel Wymer

Learn Why Print On Demand is Such a Massive Opportunity For You…

The Secret To Making REAL Money Online

Thursday 8th February
8PM UK Time (GMT)
9pm Central European Time (CET)
3pm Eastern Time (EST)

This week we will be bringing you an exclusive webinar with Nigel Wymer.

Nigel has made all his money on the internet, working exclusively online now for over 16 years. He started selling on eBay in the early days, then one day, his wife suggested selling on Etsy.

His reaction was the same as most people: 'It's just for craftspeople. It's only a small marketplace....'

Nigel decided to look into selling on Etsy, to maintain domestic harmony, and discovered all is not what it seems on the surface. What he discovered is that there is big money to be made on Etsy.

On this webinar he is going to reveal how to make money on Etsy...
Without making anything
Without packing anything
Without posting anything


By using print-on-demand. If you can type your name, you can create a bestselling print-on-demand product, you don't need any artistic talent - Nigel hasn't!

As for it being a small marketplace, Etsy has been experiencing MASSIVE growth in the last 2 years, far greater than eBay. It is now the third largest online marketplace in the UK with over 94 million active buyers but only 7 million sellers.

NOW is the time to get on board.

On this session Nigel will show you...

  • The massive opportunity that is Print-on-Demand
  • Why You Should be Selling on Etsy
  • How to Use Etsy to Build Your Own Brand
  • What to Sell
  • How to use free AI programs to generate unique product ideas and artwork
  • How to use AI to write your product descriptions and titles
  • Even how to use AI to generate keywords for your onsite SEO
  • How to Find Ideas and Niches to Target
  • How to use software to analyse your competitors' listings and find all their keywords!
  • Professional Shop Set-Up and Design
  • Simple SEO - no html Required
  • Optimising Shop Listings for Mobiles
  • How to create photos and videos of products that don't yet exist
  • Coupon Promotion
  • How to Build a Loyal Following of Repeat Buyers
  • Identifying Your Ideal Buyer and how to Sell to Them
  • PPC Advertising
  • Working Out Profit Margins

Plus - lots of other inside tips!

Nigel's events are always in great demand so register NOW to be sure of a place.