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Join me on my License Partner Team Program and become a real business partner where you receive 50% to 100% of the PROFITS!

With The Government Promising Even More Cuts Across The Board, The BREXIT Process Leaving The Country Uncertain Of Its Future, The Stock Market Going Up And Down Like A Yo-Yo; Coupled With Interests Staying At Record Low Levels There Has NEVER Been A Better Time To Invest In Yourself

For the past 9 months I’ve been developing and refining a fantastic new program that will enable you to leverage my experience and tap into a multi-billion dollar market and make the kind of money I’ve made using this system seem tiny by comparison

I’m looking for my next handful of motivated individuals to work with where I’ll help you create your IDEAL web business and give you my complete system for selling online; then give you 50% to 100% (yes up to 100%) of ALL the future profits we make together.

AND I’m going to explain everything to you in this letter, then show you everything laid bare so you can make an informed decision if this unique opportunity is for you or not.

If you’re interested in applying to be part of our partner program where I personally train you to use a step by step system that will have you making money online quickly (usually within 7 to 14 days)  … Then your potential earnings could be from $2897 to over $101,465 per month, every month.

If you’re the type of person who will take the time to read this letter all the way through then I’m prepared to show you exactly…

  • What the business is and how it works
  • The training and support you will receive
  • The exact amounts you can be making and how quickly
  • Why this opportunity is VASTLY different to anything you may have seen before
  • The products we’ll be working with and offering together
  • Why I’ve put this program together

You get everything given to you so you can see exactly what this opportunity is, nothing is held back or hidden.

Sounds Interesting? Then read on…

Hi there and welcome again…

If the thought of making 100K to One Million Dollars per year (never mind a month) has you shaking your head in awe thinking … “If I could earn just a fraction of that” … then this letter is just for you.

As promised I’m going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to make an informed decision that would dramatically alter your life over the next 12 months.

One question I want to answer is one that I bet you’re mulling over in your head already and wondering …

“Why would Sarah, one the most successful Internet Marketers even
want business partners, let alone give 50% to 100% of her profits away?”

A very good question and one I’ll answer for you in this letter (You’ll see EXACTLY why).

Let Me Ask You One Question…

If I can show you how to make $3000 to $15,000 per month and then give you my proven system for making as much as $100,000 per month or more online … how hard would you work for that?

Or are you someone who believes all the hype that you can make big profits and become very rich without doing any work? I’m sure you’re not, but ‘if’ you are then you can stop reading this letter now, it isn’t for you.

However, if you are someone who can follow simple instructions, put in a bit of work to get up and running AND work with me then you can have my system, full backing and support to create a business that has brought in millions over the last few years whilst working when, where and with whom I want.

I’ve been using this PROVEN system for over eight years, refining and perfecting it to the well-oiled profit puller it is today

The system has proved itself in good times and then not so good times. In fact during the last couple of years during this new, changing and unstable economy I’ve had my biggest growth ever…

… and it’s all down to the system, and that is what I’m going to reveal and tell you, in detail, about in this letter.

A Peek Inside My Business

You may know that I run my business with my husband Dave and from very humble beginnings we now run a multi-million Dollar worldwide business. A business that enables us to live life a life we could only dream about when we both had ‘normal’ jobs with their demanding schedules, long hours and working weekends!

This business enabled us to not only escape the rat race, it gives us the ability to live an amazing lifestyle that I still have to pinch myself every now and then to check I’m not dreaming.

What I’m going to show you is something that could change your life in the same way and give you the opportunity to become seriously wealthy and perhaps become a multi-millionaire within the next few years.

This is your chance to be completely free from debt, clear off those credit cards, pay off the mortgage and never worry about one of ‘those’ brown envelopes landing on your doormat again.

In fact, let me tell you a secret…

When I realized that to be successful online (and have a business paying me thousands every week) I had to invest in myself, I had to use a VERY high APR credit card to buy my first course (It cost over $2000). I then invested more and more in my learning building up a BIG credit card balance!

However, using this system I was able to pay off all my credit cards in full; and now, each month, they get cleared automatically by direct debit. Imagine the feeling in seeing ZERO balances on your credit card statements every month.

I Love To Travel AND Have Fun With This Business

What I’m about to tell you isn’t to boast or brag, it’s to let you see what IS possible with this type of business. In fact, I’m a pretty private person when it comes to my business and personal affairs but I need you to see what’s possible with the right road map in front of you. In the past few years alone this business has enabled me to travel to the USA on both business and pleasure.

As well as travelling to the USA I’ve enjoyed holidays and trips to Jamaica, Mexico, France as well as long weekends in the UK. I love Scotland, the Lake District and the South Coast which are my favourite places to visit in the UK … any excuse to visit and I’m there!

Even if vacations aren’t your ‘thing’ imagine what it would mean to have the free time and money to do what YOU want to do.

Where would you go? What would you do? What would you buy?

I love travelling and visiting France and recently we were able to buy our dream house in France… but that’s not the most interesting part of the story.

Although I had envisioned my dream house, we could only buy the right hand side at first as it was originally two houses and the left hand side was already owned and occupied.

Then a set of circumstances happened that enabled us to buy the left hand side of the property along with thirty five acres of land both houses stood in! We also have two barns on the land, one of which is bigger than the house you see in the picture!

It’s been a real labor of love as we’ve worked to restore the house; Dave and I plan to spend more and more time in France enjoying the magnificent countryside and lifestyle it gives us.

This has been, and is, possible BECAUSE of my online business and the system I’m sharing with you. BUT, did you know that as a Partner of mine in this business you can get to use this property as well…I’ll tell you how later.

My Special Treat

Now, I’m not a big car enthusiast. I once bought a Range Rover because I liked the look of it in a showroom and the color looked fantastic (I’ll tell you that story when we meet!)

And I recently bought a brand new Tesla Model S.

The reason I bought it?

I’m a self confessed gadget person. I LOVE new gadgets and playing with then and when I saw the Tesla it was FULL of gadgets and things to play with! I also thought it was cool to have a fully electric car that not only saves you money when you drive it, it’s good for the environment AND it can outperform a lot of the sports cars you see on the road.

And did I mention the gadgets! :)

What’s really cool is that when driving I can let the car drive itself! Talk about having stress free journeys! I recently drove from the South Coast of the UK all the way to John O’Groats at the very top of Scotland. The Tesla took it all in its stride and I arrived as fresh as I was at the start of the journey!

What Will You Do With The Money YOU Make?

None of this happened by luck or accident. It all happened because of the system I’ve developed and refined over the years that has enabled us to pull in incredible amounts of money over the years.

Not only that I’ve taught my system to different people over the years who have gone on to use it to change their lives.

People like…

 Paul Chilvers-Grierson 

When Paul started with me he had made a few commissions here and there but never had that ‘big’ payday. Within a short time of becoming a partner he made $1000 commissions in a SINGLE day … and then went on to do it AGAIN a couple of days later. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS commission within a few days! To quote Paul "I’ve never made $1000 in one day and now I’ve done it twice all within a few days!"

Nicola Cairncross

When people make their first $1000 commissions or other big amounts with me I like to ring them and tell them about the amounts they’ve just made. I rang Nicola to tell her she’d made over $5000 Dollars commission and to say she was happy would be an understatement. Nicola told me she’d been having a tough time of it lately so hadn’t done much promotion but still managed to make over $5000!

Graham Ridgewell

When I rang Graham to tell him he’d just made $2887 in commissions the first words out of his mouth were …

“That will pay a few bills”! :)

I asked him how he was getting on with the Partner Program and he explained that he was now getting a very steady flow of income on a monthly basis and it was growing nicely!

Nicholas Haley

I can't believe it after years of not making any money online I finally cracked it.

In my first week working with Sarah I've made over $1,319 in commissions!

License Partner Team Program

What People Are saying On Facebook...

Here’s what Peter sent me when I saw that he’d made his first commissions…

Madison was very happy with her results especially when she doesn’t have a list or her own website yet! She just followed the training and the simple steps I showed her.

Here’s what Jason said after making his first sale EVER online after over a year of trying…

Sotiris was very happy with his unexpected $470 commissions whilst he was out with his family!

And these are a small handful of the people, just like you, who we have helped create their own successful online business.

And there is one BIG difference between the people above and you that gives YOU a BIG advantage over them when you become a License Partner Team Member you will have access to the brand new Partner training AND access to me directly… you’ll have me helping you every step of the way. I’ve introduced this benefit recently after seeing how one on one coaching has really catapulted many of my Partners commission earnings.

And once you’ve seen how this system can create you BIG profits on a weekly basis you’ll want to crank it up quickly (with my help) to bring in even more making that millionaire lifestyle happen quicker.

It’s all there for you if you want it.

In fact I know you’ll be astounded at how simple this process is when you have my system, my blueprint and all of my knowledge to get you going.

I appreciate that you’re a busy person and want to get started quickly so let’s get going with…

Partner Privilege # 1

As a License Partner Team Member you have the opportunity to work with me on this new and improved project where you get to earn and keep 50% and up to 100% of the profits generated.

Over the past 10 years I've brought in millions of pounds using our system, the exact same system we'll set up for you. 

Plus you get complete insiders access for your help and support as a Partner. That includes me and all of my support team for any help you need.

Partner Privilege # 2

For this to work for you, and it will, all you need to do is use a few hours a week to set up the simple steps that we show you and then let the system do the rest for you.

Now in case you're wondering, I guarantee you don't need:

  • Any rocket scientist technical skills
  • No face to face selling
  • Certainly no staff or premises
  • No in depth experience... if you are new to this business that's ok, and if you already have a business, perfect, this is the ideal complement for you.
  • Hundreds of hours a week, it requires very little time to run each week
  • Invest in stock... definitely not, you won't have to buy a garage full of stock that will never sell and be hanging around for years.

You can run this business from anywhere... I have, from a terrace in Jamaica, my dream country home in France, and from the cabin of a Cruise Ship in the Caribbean sea!

Partner Privilege # 3

As a License Partner Team Member you get one on one coaching with me where I'll show you how to get started quickly and how to make your first commissions in 7 to 14 days

After the initial planning and coaching session you'll then have ongoing training, help and support to make sure you start to earn the BIG commissions as quickly as possible

It's really quite simple and you'll soon see when I show you the simple steps to making $300 a day by giving away 'FREE' stuff!

Partner Privilege # 4

The beauty of the system you will be using is that you introduce someone to it ONCE and that single person can turn into tens of thousands of profit for you.

This is the unique way this system works. AND as a License Partner Team Member you will get 100% of the profits from sales of the front end products we'll be offering and 50% commissions on the upsells and back end products that are introduced.

Your commissions will be on products ranging from $12 right up to $10,000 or more.

And I'll handle everything for you such as the sales process, product delivery and any customer service questions... you simply bank your share of the profits.

Partner Privilege # 5

You get access to the unique products that NO ONE else has to offer to a market that is now worth billions.

As you know, the Internet Marketing and How To Make Money markets are two of the hottest markets you can profit from today!

And you'll have access to unique hot selling unique products... NOT PLR products that have been sold to death, are poor quality or even out of date.

I have personally created each and every one of these products from my own experience. High quality, excellent information, great sellers and profit pullers.

No one else can sell these products, give them away or try and sell them cheaply online devaluing them... I have full control which means your profits remain intact; I will only give out access and consent to the people working with me on the license Partner Team program.

Partner Privilege # 6

Full in depth, hands on training with ongoing help and support.

You will get complete step-by-step training so you know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it so you can make your first commissions in 7 to 14 days and then go onto to make the big back end commissions quickly and easily.

The ongoing support will come to you in several formats so you get everything you need.

1) Private Facebook Group.

We have a great community of partners who are always willing to help each other out, answer any questions and cheer you on when you you need it. If you have any questions I and your fellow License Partner Team Members will be able to help you.

2) Weekly Coaching Webinars

Each webinar will focus on helping you bring targeted visitors to the websites you'll be promoting to ensure you make commissions quickly and on a consistent basis.

3) Specific Training Videos

You'll receive in depth training Videos that will help you grow your business and increase your profits further.

These Training Videos will be used to keep you on track with my system and ensure that it's working for you and generating us both profits.

4) Specific Partner Only Training Courses

I reserve some of my training for my License Partner Team Members only. This is to ensure you have first mover advantage on any new marketing tactics and strategies I discover in my own business. If I find something new that works my partners are the first to hear about it.

Here’s What Will Happen At First

When you apply to become a member of the License Partner Team we will arrange to have a one on one call with you. The reason for this is that I want to make sure you are suitable for the Partner Program. Now, if after speaking to you on the phone we decide the License Partner Team isn’t for you at this time then I will politely let you know.  

HOWEVER I will give you recommendations to help you with your online entrepreneurial journey where I can... you never know, we may be able to work together in the future.

If you are accepted I’ll go through the next steps with you and show you how to start making your first commissions and money online WITHIN seven to fourteen days.

I’ll show you the true potential of this excellent system and the rewards you can have. I and members of my Licence Partner Team continue to use this system to pull in BIG profits each and every week that enables us to live life on our terms.

And you can too…

Never again be tied to a job or boss you don’t like; decide when you want to go on vacation and then just go … no asking for time off or having to save up.

Dave and I have been to France several times this year already and we plan to go for an extended period to our house this year as well. (Working in France, amongst 35 acres of beautiful French country side, is very relaxing!)

As you know I love to travel and I do like to travel in style. There’s no low cost airline in sight when we go away…no sir! I can’t understand why anyone would want to be subjected to how they treat their customers.

Travelling and flying should be an enjoyable experience. Something to look forward to, not dread as you are herded like cattle to and from the plane as quickly as possible. We fly business class or upgraded when we go away; and when you fly to a long haul destination it helps you arrive to, or from your destination relaxed and refreshed.

The Perks Of This Business

The perks are great and the toys are fun as well but like I said earlier just paying off credit card debt was a big plus and relief.

I now get to enjoying spending my money on the fun stuff and for me that is learning to fly and fly helicopters!

With this business you get the financial freedom to choose what you want do, when you want to do it and with whom you want to enjoy your time with.

You Can Even Choose How You Want To Work

Ever since I started my business I’ve chosen to work from home. At first it was just me using a spare room to build my business in the evenings after work. Even when I left my full time job I still worked from home and I simply swapped my stressful morning commute in jam packed traffic for a 30 second commute across the landing to my spare room.

Even now, with the business bringing in millions each year I still work from my home office. Each morning I wake up, grab my morning drink, turn on the computer and then check the orders we’ve had in overnight… not a bad way to start the day.

Not a bad lifestyle really is it?

Instead of getting up for work at the crack of dawn to fight the rush hour traffic I decide when I want to work and several times a month I meet up with friends in the morning at a local coffee shop for a drink and a catch up.

As we sit there sipping our drinks I look at the faces of the drivers in their cars and it makes me glad I no longer have to fight the rush hour traffic twice a day.

Even when we are in France the routine doesn’t change much; the mornings may be spent walking around the grounds of our place or strolling down to the local shop to buy breakfast and walking back with the sun warming up on our faces.

I know it’s a cliché, but with this business money does really flow into your bank account no matter what you are doing at the time… it’s a great feeling to know that as you’re climbing into bed another few thousand dollars has found its way into your bank account. 

Imagine what it would be like for you when we set up your business that brings in thousands each week for you; and together we will use my system to bring in tens of thousands and sometimes more.

You can do the things that we do…

One of the great things that the money this business gives you is the ability to be able to do things for your family and friends.

For example, my Mother has family near Iowa in the USA who she hadn’t seen for many years so I decided to have a month off and take her to see them. For a surprise I booked first class flights, reserved our place in the airport lounges and when we got to the USA we had an overnight in Chicago in a 5* hotel.

The memories from that trip are priceless and it was only made possible because of the business we run (and you can too).

What Will You Do With All The Money You Make?

The Choice Is Yours.

Major License Partner Team Benefits

If you do apply for the License Partner Team, and are accepted, here are some of the benefits available to you.

Partner Benefit # 1

Say goodbye to any technical nightmares and hassles you may have had in the past. To profit from this business you don’t need ANY special skills.

And if you ever do need any technical help in the future you have full access to my team who are always on hand for any questions you may have

And if you’re thinking what special skills are needed to use my system again, let me put your mind at rest, NO technical skills are required. The BIG profits are made by sending people to FREE offers and then letting my system do the work!

Over the years I have spoken with people who use their lack of technical skills as a reason for not succeeding.

I have limited technical knowledge (enough to be dangerous and break things) but it still hasn’t stopped me from creating a multi million Dollar business.

Partner Benefit # 2

Secret access to your own online Profit Dashboard where you can measure the success of your business and see your profits build up.

With my system you’ll have access to your own private area online so you can see how your business is growing and how your profits are building up.

Each time a sale is made your commission is credited to you and added to your profit dashboard. The only downside to this is the temptation to keep checking it several times an hour because you keep seeing it increase each time.

Sad I know, but …

It’s not only you that will do this but me as well! When on a Caribbean cruise recently I was an extremely hot day so I decided to go and find some shade to cool down. The ideal place was the top deck bar which also had very good WiFi.

Imagine this …

I ordered a drink, made my way out to the covered terrace area, sat down and started ‘playing’ with my phone. As I clicked to access the internet I looked out across the Caribbean see and in the distance was Jamaica (our next stop). I logged into my profit Dashboard and saw that $11,463.29 had been made that day alone!

The view, the sea and the profits… it doesn’t get any better :-)

Although Dave was happy with the profits he still called me ‘sad’ for checking my emails whilst on the cruise; however my excuse was that I needed some shade and having great WiFi access was a bonus!

It can get very addictive checking your sales, but I don’t mind. With your own online profit dashboard you’ll be able to check your profits whenever you wish!

Partner Benefit # 3

No face to face selling or dealing with customers direct

I know that the prospect of dealing with customers is a turn off for some people. However as a License Partner Team Member you won’t have to. We do all that for you, including telephoning people who have requested a call to discuss our additional products, services and coaching.

Whenever my phone team make a sale from one of your leads YOU will receive your commission… that really is money for doing nothing!

PLUS … you’ll also benefit from my own special customer service system. You see, most businesses see customer service as a necessary evil, a profit drain, not a profit generator because they are dealing with customer questions, replacements, lost passwords, payment queries and more.

Not so with my special customer service system.

This is unique to us as we have turned our customer service into a profit center and INCREASED our customer SATISFACTION at the same time. It is VERY IMPORTANT to us that our customers are happy with the service they receive from us and that remains paramount.

Alongside this excellent customer service we also increased our profits from this area of the business. I’m not going to reveal how here I’ll tell you more as when you apply to become a Partner. However increasing profits from customer service queries means more profit for you.

Partner Benefit # 4

You don’t need any special premises (can be run from home) or staff to employ.

When I started my business I worked in a spare room in the evenings after work and you certainly don’t need any staff or special premises to run this business, it can all done from the comfort of your own home.

I still run my multi mullion Dollar Business from home and when I’m away all I need is an internet connection.

Because the business has grown so much I now have a small virtual team of people who all work from their homes as well!

Partner Benefit # 5

No products to create, no products to ship, no sales funnels to create … all this is done for you.

I have developed my system to take orders and deliver the products to customers quickly and efficiently. When a customer orders a product it’s all taken care of automatically 24 hours a day.

I looked at this process to see if we could increase profits and put in place a process that brings in additional profits each time a sale is made.

This simple process has resulted in additional profits worth thousands each week and remember, you could receive 50% to 100% of those additional profits!

You Can Do This From Anywhere in
 The World With An Internet Connection

I’ve made money online in a beach bar in Jamaica, sailing round the Caribbean, in a sun drenched French Farmhouse, travelling the USA, whilst joining in a cooking class in Mexico and driving the length and breadth of the UK. I actually once sent an email whilst in France that netted a cool $29,955 in 24 hours.

When I do this with you as a License Partner Team Member your share would be as much as $14,977.50

I still have to pinch myself some days to make sure all this is real and say ‘Thanks’ to the powers that be that I took a chance all those years ago to investigate this business further and managed to leave my job and the rat race to live the life I do today.

License Partner Team – Business Fundamentals

One of the key principles why this business can make you so much money is based upon proven business fundamentals that 99% of business owners don’t understand or fail to recognize and use.

Business Fundamental # 1

When a customer buys one product from you it’s FAR easier to sell them a second product from you, then a third, fourth and so on. PLEASE NOTE that this is only possible as long as you have provided them with a first class product and superior customer service in the first place.

Business Fundamental # 2

People who are new to a market are the most rabid buyers and will buy as much as possible as quickly as possible. I’m a prime example… when we started renovating our farmhouse in France I bought all the DIY magazines, books and subscribed to websites on topics that could help me. I invested in the tools I needed and then more just because I could.

I was enthusiastic and in the buying mode. (I actually like renovating our home in France as it means there’s part of ‘me’ in the building)

And in our online business we have customers who do exactly the same, spending thousands with us on different products and services as they grow their businesses. This business (and all successful businesses) is built using these fundamentals; and the system I have in place is so successful it doesn’t require thousands of customers or a continuous stream of new customers every day to make the big profits.

One single customer can lead to several
thousands of Dollars of profit for you

For example I have one product that retails for just $12. I have other products and services that range from a few hundred Dollars right up to $10,000+. It doesn’t take many customers to generate big profits and you’ll see EXACTLY how during your one on one training.

As a License Partner Team Member you’ll receive 100% commission on all sales of my front end products and then 50% commission on upsell and back end products for each and EVERY person you bring into my marketing system.

PLUS, you will also receive commission on EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT the people you send buy from me … for LIFE

It doesn’t matter if they buy one week from now, one year from now or ten years from when they first came into my system. If you sent them, you’ll get the commission paid direct to you!

And remember, I will be handling all of the marketing for you, taking orders, making sure the customers get their products quickly and handling all the customer service… you can simply check your profit dashboard to see how your sales are growing and how much money you have made.  I then pay you your commission every single month… including those BIG ticket items right up to $10,000!

What Kind Of Profits Can You Make?

As a License Partner Team Member you’ll receive 100% commission on all sales of my front end products and then 50% commission on upsell and back end products for each and EVERY person you bring into my marketing system.

This can vary from a lot, to an insane amount depending on how much of my system you decide to use.

Keep in mind that I now have thousands of customers (and I haven’t even scratched the surface) how much effort or dare I say ‘work’ would you need to bring in 100 visitors to a website where you give something away for FREE (with my full training help and support)?

Using my system I know that when you send 100 visitors 40 will join my email list. This enables me follow up with those people to introduce my products and services.

Using those numbers I know that with 100 visits a day I will make you:

4 x $12 sales per day which equals $17,280 per year

1 x $100 sale per day which equals $36,500 per year

1 x $1000 sale per week which equals $52,000 per year

That’s a total of $105,780 per year!

From sending just 100 visitors a day to a website (where people can get a FREE product) -  you have developed a SIX FIGURE per year business.

And with my help, training and support you will soon be sending SEVERAL HUNDRED visitors a day…imagine what your commission will be then!

In reality many customers go onto to buy more than one additional product and in most cases go on to spend more because they are happy with the product AND customer service. Listen, I have customers who have spent over SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS with me, and let me tell you … you don’t need a lot of those customers to make a really decent income.

It is this complete profit producing system that you will get to see, understand and use when you become a License Partner Team member; INCLUDING one on one coaching with ongoing training showing you EXACTLY how to send 100’s of targeted visitors to the offers that will see you cranking up your commissions quickly.

OK Sarah, the Business and System Has Got Me Excited To What I can Achieve, But Can You Tell Me Exactly What It Is I Have To Do?

As you may already know my success has been based on finding people in markets and providing these people with top quality information they are looking for in the form of ebooks, online courses coaching and training.

My two biggest markets are the Internet Marketing and Online Business Opportunity Markets.

These markets have a constant supply of perpetual customers as new people enter the market, old customers come back and existing customers buy more and more products.

I simply use my system to market to them, make the sale, collect the money and send them an email telling them how to access the products they have just invested in. And that is it … the process that has enabled the business to pull in millions in sales online and us to live a fantastic lifestyle.

How Simple Is That?

I can promise that as a License Partner Team Members it will be far easier for you because you won’t have to spend years developing and refining your own system.

You’ll be using my system, following a few simple daily tasks and taking a lion share of the profits where could make 50% to 100% of the profits on all the sales from people you refer over to my system. Remember you’ll be sending people to websites where they can get something for free!

As a License Partner Team Member you’ll be working directly with me grow the business into the Internet Marketing and Online Business Opportunity markets which are multi-billion Dollar industries that we have only scratched the surface so far, but have still created a lifestyle envied by many.

This industry, and it is an industry, is absolutely massive and it continues to grow month after month, year on year as more and more people look to supplement their income, start a new online business or grow an existing one.

They look for quality products that deliver what they say and our products do just that. The funny thing is, or the great thing is, depends which way you look at this is that even when the economy is suffering this market continues to grow.

The size of the Internet and Online Business Opportunity markets is now counted in the billions and that's why we're looking for a select number of License Partner Team Members to help us make more of an inroad into that market with our brand and products.

Here’s Why I Launched The
License Partner Team Program

When I started my online business one of my driving factors was that I didn’t want to be tied to a nine to five job for the next 40 years, and have my income limited by the job I was doing or the hours I could put in. I’ve seen too many friends and even family members suffer from the stress of their job and worrying over money.

I didn’t have a pension to speak of and I knew that if I was to have the lifestyle I really wanted then I would have to work for myself to do that… and the internet has provided that opportunity and more.

However ... I also knew that I didn’t want to work long hours and the thought of building a big business with dozens or even 100’s of employees didn’t excite me either.

I wanted my business to provide me with the income and lifestyle I dreamed of WITHOUT all the headaches of a traditional big business.

I love online marketing and what it has enabled me to achieve (as well as the people I’ve worked with) BUT I am still limited by two major things.

1) The ideas and opportunities I have to work on


2) The number of hours in a day

I have a continually growing idea book of opportunities I see every week. However I'm limited by the time available; I now want to focus on building the Sarah Staar Business School brand and working with select preferred partners…

… and because the market and opportunity are so huge I literally haven't got enough hours in the day to grow the Business School as big as we want to.

And that's why I have put together the License Partner Team.

I think it was John Paul Getty who said...

"I would rather work with and take a small percentage of the profits from a number of people's efforts than 100% of all my own efforts"

And as a billiona​​​​ire he can't be that wrong can ​​​​he!

I want to find partners to work with in my business so we both benefit... and remember you could be getting 50% to 100% of the profits on ALL my products offered to the people you bring into my unique marketing system.

From what we've seen in our business currently, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to profit from a multi-billion Dollar industry that is reported to be on the verge of a big surge in new customers looking to start their own business.

As I said before I don't want to take on more staff or move to bigger premises to take advantage of this, and I will barely scratch the surface if I try and do this on my own.

I know that my unique system works best with a small group of people with a common goal and a stake in their own business… and the profits to match.

I've pulled in millions over the years and have just scratched the surface and now it's your turn.

"Would you be willing to work with me to make you the kind of profits I do, to put into action what I show you, get one-on-one personal help and support AND get answers to any questions you may have to keep you on track?"

If this is something you're willing to do then I am prepared to take you on as a License Partner Team member and split all the profits with you; with you getting 100% commission on all my front end products then 50% on ALL my upsell and back end products that range from $200 right up to $10,000+ … which I believe can catapult your earnings to $100,000 a year and then onto hundreds of thousands or millions over the next few years.

As a License Partner Team Member you'll have access to the exact same products, sales funnels and follow up campaigns we currently use to bring in BIG profits BUT you will take a BIG percentage of the profits for yourself.

“What Would You Think If I Said You Could Make Several Thousand Dollars Profit Each Week Online WITHOUT A Website, WITHOUT A Product of Your Own, Without An Email List AND Without Having To Sell Anything?”

I told this to one person and their reaction was...

“Yeah, Right and Father Christmas, The Tooth Fairy

and The Easter Bunny All Exist As Well”

But they were wrong... very wrong, especially when I showed them how to do it AND they made their first commissions online!

The Internet Marketing Niche is a great business to be in; HOWEVER it does take time to build up your knowledge to be able to create hot selling products, design the best selling sales funnels and campaigns and then be able to offer your products and services to the right people at the right time.

As a License Partner Team Member you don’t need to put in the thousands of hours of learning, endure the trial and error to build up experience because I’ve done it all for you.

Using my help, training and support you simply send people (known as traffic) to websites (that I set up for you) where these people can get something for FREE.

How Easy Is That!

Here are examples of the type of free offers people will get...

I will show you how to send people to these FREE offers and when people leave their email address to get the download link to access the free offer...

...That’s Where The Magic Happens!

My system knows you sent that person and then follows up with them automatically by email offering related products and services that YOU get a commission on every time a sale is made. And remember you can get 50% to 100% commissions on sales right up to $10,000!

Plus, the system knows you sent these people so when they by a new product you get the commission.

When they by another product, you get that commission as well.

In fact, you get LIFETIME commissions on EVERY SINGLE
you send no matter when they buy something.

And all you have to do is send them to a website where they can get a FREE OFFER.

I'm committed to helping our License Partner Team members succeed online and will work with you to MAKE SURE you have the success you deserve and the money coming into your bank account.

I can't say fairer than that.

When I first started my online business I had to invested multiple thousands in courses and trainings and attend workshops here in the UK and fly out to America to get the knowledge I needed. However I KNEW that it would work and have spent the last few years refining my business, investing in it and turning it into the profit producing system it is today.

You don't have to do all the travelling I did. You don't have to invest your time and all the trial & error I did to get where I am today, all you need to do is:

  • Follow my one-on-one training.
  • Use the proven methods to bring in 100's if not 1000's of customers to our front end products
  • Let the system do the ongoing marketing and follow up for the additional sales.
  • Check your online profit dashboard.
  • Bank your profits each month!

Over the past decade we've pulled in millions using our system and you could do it a LOT quicker by helping us get more of our products and services into the market and I will help you to a six figure income quickly and maybe even a seven figure income soon after.

This Is The Business Proposition

If you're willing to follow the step-by-step plan and use our system then I will:

  • Personally show you how to make at least $50k to $100k income then onto multiple six figures within the next 18 to 24 months.
  • Train you in using my PROVEN system even if you are a complete novice to this business. You'll get to see EVERYTHING with NOTHING left out. And, of course you'll be able to ask any questions you wish... I will be very happy to help.
  • Provide you with all my resources (when and if you need them) including web designers, graphic artist, copywriter including where and who I outsource the time consuming tasks to. This has taken me years of trial and error, and expense, to find the right people. You won't have to go through this hassle and simply use the people I do with my recommendations and introductions.
  • Access to weekly LIVE training webinars, an online training area and ongoing training videos including business blueprints; all designed to help keep you on track with my system, growing your business and increasing your profits.
  • Private License Partner Team Facebook Group where you can interact with other successful partners and to ask any questions you may have. I truly believe that no question is too simple or too basic to ask. If you need to know then ask away as I, and your fellow License Partner Team Members, are here to help.
  • First access to my newest products which means that YOU get to profit from them first.

If this appeals to you and you would like to work me on this unique project then I promise I will help you to making your first $100,000 and put in place the process to take you to whatever income level you desire.


When you are accepted as a License Partner Team Member you’ll have an initial one on one coaching call with me (Sarah Starr) where we’ll map out your plan to enable you to make $300 a day giving away free stuff. This session is designed to get you up and running quickly and making your first sales win 7 to 14 days.

Many of the people who join the License Partner Team and new people, or novices to the world of online marketing, and they tell me that this one on one coaching call is IDEAL and has helped them make their first sales online. It’s a great feeling when those first commissions appear in your bank account and I want you to experience that feeling as quickly as possible.

You’ll then have the full support and ongoing training available to you that includes…

Online live training webinars where you’ll be shown how to generate TARGETED traffic of people who are interested and willing to buy the products and services we offer; and the License Partner Team Facebook Group to ask ANY and all questions you may have along the way.

This isn't just a simple coaching or training program that shows you what to do and then leaves you to work it out for yourself... this is a FULL Mentor program with the most access ever to myself and my team for your ongoing help and support.

I want to get my products and brand further out in to this hot multi-billion Dollar industry and there's no way I can do it on my own without having to take on a lot more staff and get bigger premises.

I don't want more staff or bigger premises, and this is why I want to work together with a group of motivated entrepreneurs giving you the chance to become a License Partner Team Members and profit handsomely at the same time.

The only way I make money is when you do!

And remember, all you have to do is send people to websites where they can get things for free. Once they request the free product and training my system takes over introducing the paid products and services that you make the big commissions on.

Let Me Show You Some Of The
Products You’ll Be Making Money On

This is just a FEW of the many products you will be making commissions on… and remember all you have to do is send people to websites where they get ‘stuff’ for free and then let my marketing system take over and do all the work for you.

However, your commissions don’t stop with the sale of the training products.

I also run workshops and seminars throughout the year and if people invest in any of my products and services whilst at these events you will receive commissions from those sales as well. 

And finally …

We do have higher priced coaching and mentoring programs all the way up to $10,000 and beyond. As A License Partner Team member I will show you how you can earn as much as $5,000 (Yes that’s’ FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARs) per sale of these programs.

Just imagine… if all you managed to acheive was one sale a month where you made $5,000 commission; that would give you a $60,000 per year business. From just ONE product.

If you follow my plan, and use the training and support I give you, you could be making one sale like that per week!

And unlike most other affiliate and partner programs that just pay you 30% to 50% commissions just once YOU will get paid 50% to 100% commission on ALL SALES FOR LIFE.

It doesn’t matter if you refer someone next week and they buy immediately or in 3 years time ... you will get paid commission into your bank account on EVERY SINGLE SALE, every time they buy a product or service from me, forever!

Just Look at The Size Of The Opportunity

I did some research in Google, Bing and Facebook, alongside other research methods we use, and this is what I found.

There are over 12 million people searching for help, or have an interest in, starting an online business each month!

There are over 8 million people looking for information on starting an Affiliate Marketing business… EVERY MONTH.

And over 18 million people every single month looking to make money online.

As you can see from these numbers alone we have only just begun to scratch the surface of this opportunity and there is no way I could take full advantage of this opportunity on my own.

With The Unique Stable of Products And The Help and Support Given To You As A License Partner Team Member You’ll See How Simple it Is To Make a Six And Even Seven Figure Income

All of the products, workshops and coaching bring in a very healthy profit each month and from the search numbers I’ve shown you the demand is clearly very strong; and I can confirm that those numbers are increasing, not decreasing, as more and more people look to supplement and even replace their current incomes with their own online business, full or part time.

And I‘m not going anywhere soon! I have big plans and goals for our License Partner Team Members… do you want to be part of it?

Here’s A Reminder Of What You Are Going To Get

That’s a total real world value of $30,985+

And remember you will receive 100% commission on all the profit from my front end products and 50% commission on the upsell and back end offers ranging up to $10,000+ (less a very small percentage to cover the processing fees.)

As a License Partner Team Member All You Have To Do Is Send
Traffic To The Entrance Of The Funnel And Then Let My
Marketing System Do The Work For You.

But that’s not all…

I Have Literally Removed All The Obstacles and Reasons For Failure!

As A license Partner Team Member You’ll
Also Receive The Following To Help You In Your Business

The Face Of Traffic – My brand new course on getting traffic from Facebook that is not yet released. Only my Partners currently have access to this training. Facebook offers us marketers a GOLDEN opportunity to attract qualified people to our offers and with this easy to follow step by step course you will be able to take advantage of the traffic available to us on Facebook.

Traffic Secrets – In this course I give you 20 of my most profitable traffic sources. Remember the numbers I showed you earlier about the number of people looking for the information and products we will be offering? This course will show you how to attract those people into your funnel and business.

Lifetime Access To The License Partner Team Facebook Group  - We have a growing community of License Partner Team Members who are always willing to help each other out and cheer each other on when you share your wins.

Because of the size of the opportunity available to us the market is big enough to ensure everyone wins as a partner.

If you ever need help, want a question answering or simply want feedback on a traffic idea then ask away in the Facebook Group. I and your fellow License Partner Team Members will always be willing to help.

I Firmly Believe That There Is No Easier Way For You To Make $50k to $100k And Then Go On To Make Seven Figures Soon After Using My System, Marketing And Products

Remember all of these products have been created in house and aren't resell products that have been sold 'to death' or given out to thousands of other people to resell.

In fact I have NEVER given the rights away to any of our products... only our License Partner Team Members will have the agreement to sell them for big percentage of the of the profits.


How To Create A $300 Per Day
Business Giving Away Stuff For FREE

Even If You Have Zero Experience,
No websites and No Email List

When you apply, and are accepted onto the License Partner Team, you’ll have a one on one coaching quick start call with me (Sarah Staar). It’s on this call where we’ll discuss how to get you started and earning quickly.

I’ll show you how to quickly create a $300 a day income stream by giving away free stuff. The aim of this is to have you making money online and depositing your commissions within 7 to 14 days.

I want people who I can work with to expand the brand and share in the profits that come in from offering these up to date high quality products.

You may be thinking...

"Won't I be competition for you Sarah?"

... and the simple answer is no!

I am currently making a very healthy profit each and every month (last year was our best year yet!) BUT I've shown you the HUGE demand there is NOW for the products and services we provide and there's no way I could reach that on my own.

And that’s why I’m focusing on helping my License Partner Team Members create businesses with incomes that will enable them to live the lifestyle they desire.

Is Your Head Up And Eyes Open?

If you have your head up and eyes open, have the entrepreneurial spirit, can put in a little effort, follow easy instructions and a PROVEN fool proof system for making large amounts of money....

...then this will be the BEST opportunity you will be offered for making a six and even seven figure income.

Imagine This... "You, The Millionaire"

I guarantee that I'll show you a system that could make you a millionaire over the next few short years.

How Do You Become A License Partner Team Member?

I am looking for a small number of committed people who will follow my help, support and direction...if that's you then I am willing to work with you, show you exactly what to do AND let you become part of the License Partner Team where you could make 50% to 100% of the profits on all our products we offer together.

To buy this type of business and ALL of the training, including the on-going help and support, would cost you in excess of $50k. In fact a quick look in a business or franchise magazine shows businesses with LESS profit potential and less training selling for over $200k!

The License Partner Team Process

When you apply, and if you are accepted, we'll arrange your first one on one coaching call with me (Sarah Starr) where I'll talk you through all of the steps of our unique system and together we'll develop a plan for you to making your first commissions within 7 to 14 days

I'll also reveal how you can generate BIG profits in a short space of time...

Plus, the system I show you, using a conservative estimate, could enable you to quite easily earn S5,000 to $25,000 per month quickly, then onto over $50k to $100k per month.

This is very possible.

This is a real win-win situation as you get a proven system with a massive profit potential and I get to expand the brand while working with some great people like yourself.

The Ongoing Help and Support

Plus, after the initial one-on-one coaching and planning call you'll also receive on going training and support.

Listen, this is unheard of in our industry... in fact I went on a one day training day where the organiser said he would show everything and give ongoing support.

Let me tell you, that didn't turn out to be true. All he was interested in was finishing the day as quickly as possible, taking the money and providing no support.

On top of all that I had to figure out how to set up my own front end business to generate leads. That meant building a website, writing the sales letter, creating the products, putting in the autorepsonders and a lot more... all without any support.

As a License Partner Team Member you get full on going coaching, training, help and support whenever you need it. It's in my interests to help you succeed because when you make money so do I!

And if you agree to follow my direction I'll waive any ongoing fees, you'll not have to pay any ongoing monies at all. Why on earth would I want to charge you on-going fees when you're bringing new people into the system where we both profit?

What's All This Worth To You?

To bring you in you as a License Partner Team Member, set everything up for you, train you, provide on-going help and support is going to take up a large proportion of my time (including a considerable cost) and I want to ensure I work with people who really want to make a six and seven figure income.

Here's what I propose....

Remember, many franchises I looked at costed tens of thousands of Dollars and in many cases hundreds of thousands of Dollars, with LESS profit potential than being a License Partner Team Member.

I originally priced this opportunity at $14,995.

However at that investment it would exclude some people who were really committed even if they could recoup their $14,995 investment back with less than 27 sales of one of our best selling mid priced products or just 3 sales of one back end product!

So here's what I decided.

A fair investment would be just $2497.00.

This amount can be easily recouped with just 5 sales of one of our
products, or 1 sale of our higher priced products that you will be offering.

5 sales or just 1 sale... you could be doing more than that in one day soon!

Now, if you don't think that the investment is worth it for you to have your own business with the potential to earn millions in the coming years, or to have the experience of one of the leading Internet Marketers to help and guide you along the way then you're not the type of person we are looking for.

If, and I mean if, you're the type of person I'm looking for, someone who recognises the value here, can see the potential AND is willing to follow simple instructions (not someone who expects something for nothing) then you are the RIGHT person I'm looking for.

It doesn't matter if you have no experience or have years of experience, as long as you can follow my system then we can work together.

By becoming a License Partner Team Member you will have your own high profit business.

One thing I am passionate about is the on-going help and support. You see, if you leave the initial one on one coaching call with me and do nothing, or get stuck and can't figure out what to do next, then I will lose out as well.

If I left you to fall at the first hurdle it would be completely counter-productive to me as I will be losing out on a BIG pile of revenue and profits I know our partnership can bring in.

$500 Discount

The initial training fee will stop the time wasters, wannabees and professional lookers. BUT I do appreciate that some people will be very serious but just can't afford the $2497 at this moment in time. So that's why I want to reward fast action takers.

If you apply to become a License Partner Team Member today you will receive a $500 discount making your investment just one payment of $1997

PLEASE NOTE: When you apply you are reserving your place only. Your card will NOT BE CHARGED at this point and will only be charged once you are accepted as a License Partner Team Member.

The reason for this is that I want to make sure you are suitable for the program. Now, if after speaking to you on the phone we decide the program isn’t for you at this time then I will politely let you know. You card will not be charged.

HOWEVER I will give you recommendations to help you with your online entrepreneurial journey where I can... you never know, we may be able to work together in the future.

If you are accepted I’ll go through the next steps with you to get you started and earning as quickly as possible.

If you're just curious, or not prepared to take this further, then sorry this unique opportunity isn't for you but I do wish you well in the future.

If however you are genuinely serious about grabbing this opportunity with both hands and changing yours and your family’s life for ever, then you'll know that it is a small investment to make for what could be a six figure and even a seven figure income in the near future.

Remember, you are getting a complete web business set up for you with sales process and for each person you introduce into my system we'll do the on-going marketing splitting the profits on any sales made now or at ANY time in the future.

The additional higher priced products I offer are where your big profits are. Having developed a unique selling system that is VERY effective at bringing in sales, and increasing profits, it has enabled us to live the life we now have as well as bringing in millions in sales over the last few years.

On top of all this you get one-on-one training with me, ongoing help and support AND you get to see, hear and use our breakthrough marketing strategies, ideas, new products and systems.

If a new process works for me then my License Partners Team Members are the first to know about it!



Now if you’re someone who immediately looks for a money back guarantee then I’m afraid this isn’t for you.

This isn’t a simple product or course people can refund. Because of the amount of time, money and effort we will be putting in to help you succeed there isn’t the usual money back guarantee.


I appreciate that you may be looking for some piece of mind that I will deliver on everything described in this letter so here’s what I propose.

I guarantee that if you are accepted as a License Partner Team Member you will receive a one on one call with myself where I’ll give you a detailed plan to follow that will have you making your first commissions in 7 to 14 days (and at the worst case scenario within 28 days) when you follow the plan I give you.

Now, If you haven’t, by some unlikely chance, made your first commissions within that time frame I will personally work with you until you have and then give you the help and support to ensure you recoup your investment in the quickest time possible and then go on to make those bigger commissions as quickly as possible.

How can I offer such a guarantee?


The products sell, and sell very well. Plus you’ll only need to sell a handful of products or just ONE of the backend products to make back your investment… from that point forward everything will be profit!

We have Partners who are doing MUCH MORE than that every single month!

You now have two choices.

Apply to join us as a License Partner Team Member and work with us here as we help you build your business, give on-going help and support that will provide you with a six and even seven figure income.

Or, decide not to join us and continue as you are, but ask yourself... what will change in the next 12 months if you do nothing now?

I've done everything to give you the opportunity to invest in yourself and give you the opportunity to join in and enjoy the lifestyle we lead.

The next step is up to you.

It All Comes Down To Choices

I made my choice many years ago to invest in my first high priced course and attend a seminars in the USA that changed my life. I made the right choice; I was hungry for success and fed up of being fed up.

Are you hungry for success? Do you want that lifestyle you've been longing for? Do you want to be debt free and live life on YOUR terms?

No hamster wheel job, no pressure, no deadlines, no worries about the economic future and simply no stress?

No more boss telling you what to do and how you should be doing it?

That's how Dave and I live now...we work when we want to and take the time out to do what we want to WHENEVER we want to.

By applying to be part of the License Partner Team you can make a decision to change your life and put in place the steps to develop your own multi-million Dollar business.

Listen, it doesn't matter what experience you have or haven't got now... when I started I had no experience and muddled my way through, doing ok...it wasn't until I found a mentor that the business really took off.

Working with me and the team here you are working with one of the Leading Internet Marketers AND using my system, blueprint & resources to fast track your own wealth.

That's what makes this opportunity so exciting.

If you can listen to and follow instructions, follow my plan, ask for help when you need it then we will BOTH make money... with you making 50% to 100% of the profits from the marketing we do.

There is absolutely NO WAY I could reach even a small percentage of the total number of people who will want to buy my products, and that's why I want to expand the brand and reach by working with a small dedicated group of Partners.

You won't have to worry about having to produce the products, create the sales funnels, deliver any of the orders or deal with any of the customer service as we'll be doing all that for you.

You'll have access to your own reporting Profit Dashboard so you can track exactly how much money you are making on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is an advanced tracking system we've invested in so you know exactly where your business is day to day.

Now It's Your Turn

There you have it, a complete PROVEN business system and opportunity all laid out for you.

And now it's down to you to make the choice that will change your life forever.

Time Is Of The Essence

I can't stress how time sensitive this really is...

I have set aside a number of dates and times for the initial one on one coaching calls over the coming weeks and once they're gone that's it.

Reserve Your Place Today

And Receive A $500 discount - $1997

Use this link to reserve your place today

NB *Please note that you are reserving your place only.
Your card will not be charged until your application is accepted.*

Today is the day for you to invest in your future and have me working by your side creating a highly profitable web business for, and with, you.

It doesn't matter how experienced you are or what skills you may or may not have. The License Partner Team is designed with YOU in mind and to get you up and running as quickly as possible and then onto your six and even seven figure business.

I look forward to seeing your application and working with you one-on-one very soon.

Best wishes

Sarah Staar

Why am I limiting the numbers and having people apply to join the License Partner Team?

Easy … with smaller numbers of people it mean I can work closely with my License Partner Team Members to help them make their first money online and then go on to make $1000, $5000 and even $10,000 Dollar commissions each week and month!

If I simply allowed anyone to join then the numbers would be far too big to enable me to give the one on one support I currently do.

With thousands of people I couldn’t personally do the one-on-one training where I show you how to make $300 a day giving away free stuff!

Why Do I Make People Apply?

This was a decision I made because several years ago when I had an ordinary affiliate program some of my affiliates starting ‘spamming’ people to promote my products.

This led to my hosting company AND my domain name company shutting me down completely.

I lost nearly everything I had worked to achieve including websites, domain names, my systems and some of my database as well!

By having people apply I can take the time to see if they are the ideal people I want to work closely with and have them promote my products and services in an ethical and very profitable way for the both of us.

PS Remember if you are accepted onto the program I promise to work with you one on one and give you the EXACT plan to follow that will enable you to make your first commissions within 7 to 14 days and then go onto to make those big commissions of $1000, $2500 and even as much as $5000+

PPS Apply today as I only have a limited number of dates and times available of the next few days and weeks for the one on one calls. Once accepted we will book in your call asap to get you up and running quickly making those first commissions fast.

License Partner Team Program

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