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The Ultimate Step By Step Affiliate
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Find Out How To Get Started As An Affiliate Marketer In 5 Easy Steps.
You Will Discover The Secrets To Becoming A
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This Is All Based On My Own Real-World Experience

"Here at Sarah Staar Business School we only teach what works in my business.  The basis of these 5 videos is the exact process I used when I started out, so you can be sure that what you get is not theory but based on my own real-world experience." *

Sarah Staar
Director and President of Sarah Staar Business School

During This 5-Part Video Course You'll Discover The Secret To:

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    Finding the right niche and audience
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    Finding affiliate offers that convert
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    Email marketing traffic methods
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    How to drive traffic to those affiliate offers
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    And So Much More...

This Course Is A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Everything You Need To Know About  The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

Video 1 Niche Research 
In this video you'll discover my technique to discovering  the most profitable niches. Many beginners start in niches where there is little competion, no traffic, and few good products. This first video gets you started in the right places....

Video 2 Finding Products To Promote 
In this video I show you how to find profitable products to promote. Physical products often pay very low % commisions, there are other alternatives which give you a much better return.

Video 3 Free Traffic
In this video I show you some techniques for sending free traffic to your affiliate offer its slower, but it means you don't have to spend loads of money on paid advertising until you are more experienced.

Video 4 Facebook Ads Intro 

Facebook advertising is a key means of getting traffic It can be very effective for people new to affiliate marketing and can help you can ramp up your business. Here I teach you the fundamentals.

Video 5 Facebook PPC

PPC stands for Pay Per Click - paying for advertising by results Here I touch you how to create facebook ads and show you how to set up a campaign, using one of my own as an example, so that you will know what to do for your own campaigns.

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