Welcome to How To Pay Less Tax And Build A Valuable Asset In 3 Easy Steps

What You Will Learn

Module 1

  • How to setup a limited company - so you can cut costs or properly instruct accountants.
  • Things you can change - so you can structure your business how you want.
  • Creating and valuing assets - so you can get paid by your business when you sell them.
  • Direct Service Contract - so you can sell assets to your business.
  • TEMPLATES !! - so you can do things properly and not rely on accountant.

Module 2

  • How to use the director's loan account - so you can take out the value of the assets you put in without paying tax.
  • Listing your intellectual property and Intellectual Capital - so you can see what you really are worth.
  • Valuing your IP - so whatever you charge your company can be substantiated and you get no queries from the tax people.
  • Having the paperwork done - so it’s all clear to the tax people and defensible.
  • KEY TEMPLATES - so you don’t have to pay lots of money to an accountant !!

Module 3

  • Setting up a business in the US, so you can sell your intellectual property and create a tax free income stream and a valuable asset.
  • Using an LLP so you can take money out tax free.
  • List of key contacts to handle setting up businesses and dealing with tax in UK and US so you don’t have issues with taxman.

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