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Sales Funnel Profits

To succeed online today your business must have a sales funnel and even a series of sales funnels in place; 

However many online business owners simply don't know how to create and maintain a proper funnel. 

I'm here to tell you that, when properly set up and monetized, a sales funnel can take your ONLINE business from little or no sales to high five figure, six figures and even onto the 7- figure range.

The key is to know what exactly goes into a proper funnel, and what to leave out. And that's what I show you in this brand new training Sales Funnel Profits.

This is your blueprint to creating sales funnels that bring in new prospects and turn them into happy paying customers... customer who buy from you over and over again. 

In this training you'll discover

  • Why sales funnels are vital to your online business and how to use them the right way. 
  • Not all traffic is created equal and you'll see what type of sales funnel is perfect for the different types of traffic in your business. 
  • The secret to making the most profit from your sales funnels whilst delivering immense value to your visitors.
  • I'll show you the 'hidden' funnel that only smart marketers are using to drive more sales and bigger profits.
  • You'll see the exact conversion rates you should typically expect with each type of sales funnel you create.
  • The one 500 word email that made over $150,000 with a simple single sales funnel (you can copy this yourself).
  • Revealed....my best performing opt n pages you can model to have people opting in to your sales funnels.
  •  I walk you through every stage of one of my best performing funnels, what pages I use, where I use them, what I put on each page AND the results achieved. You can use this to create your own funnel (feel free to swipe and deploy with my permission!) 
  • How I set up sales funnels quickly with flow charts and diagrams for you to follow and use.
  • The ONE thing you can use to super charge your funnel to sell $200 to $15,000+ products and services easily.
  • Killer campaigns that integrate with your sales funnel that increase conversions and profits by 300% or more.
  • How to profit from your sales funnel immediately EVEN if you don't have any of your own products to sell yet.... this means you get paid AND build your list at the same time!
  • I break down a full campaign that shows how you can make $347,000 in six to eleven months selling a $12 front end product with the right sales funnel (feel free to copy this proven idea!)
  • I also show you EVERY SINGLE STEP in a sales funnel I am using RIGHT NOW in my business.
  • I give you all the pages, the copy I use, what videos I created, the upsell and downsell pages, follow up emails and more.
  • I detail the results including opt in rates, sales conversions at each stage of the funnel.
  • How we created the sales funnel and tied it all together plus...
  • My simple 'trick' that captures peoples attention and practically forces them to go through every step of your funnel.
  • The 4 simple lines I include on the order page that adds an extra $47 to $97 per sale immediately.

And more....

Claim Sales Funnel Profits $97 Today only $9.97

Easy Content Pro

The web is made up of content whether that's written, audio or video, people consume content. 

They make decisions based off what they've consumed and good content can further your relationship with your customers and prospects, it can build trust and ultimately make sales of your products and services a LOT easier!

The downside with creating GOOD content is that it can be time consuming.

But it doesn't have to be!

In this training I'll reveal how you can create great content that connects with your audience and helps drive more sales for you quickly and easily.

Specifically we'll cover... 

  • Different FAST efficient ways to create content that generates cash and builds you as the authority in a market quickly.
  • Who your best friend will be in your content creation and how to stop your content from being boring (the dreaded sin!)
  • How to use story telling in your content which leads to more profits even if the last story you wrote started with “once upon a time” 
  • How a dyslexic like me can create content that brings in floods of cash and you can too. 
  • How to create email newsletters that people look forward to receiving, opening, reading and click on your buy links every time.
  • If you hate writing (or are dyslexic like me) I give you two hacks to create content quickly and easily.
  • The not so secret, 'secret' to to fast newsletter creation. 
  •  How a 'strimmer' incident led to a massive increase in profits that you can take and copy immediately.
  • Why chunks, blocks, layers and E+H will equal massive profits for you.
  • The toolbox approach to beating writers block using my CB secret.
  • How being annoyed can help you create content and make you sales hand over fist! 
  • 10 different ideas for great content that you can use immediately. Never start from a blank page again!
  • Why infotainment beats information every time AND it's more fun & profitable for you to use as well.
  • Mr X reveals the ultimate newsletter and autoresponder schedules for you to use when sending emails to make the most cash sales.
  • How to use H+L in your content to to keep people reading and looking forward to your next content instalment (written, video or audio).
  • What to do when using content to build trust immediately with your marketplace.
  • Why your every day life is a goldmine for order pulling content ideas that will generate massive good will, place you as an authority and have people begging to buy from you .
  • Where to get an ENDLESS supply of great ideas for you to use when creating content. 
  • Why incomplete headlines will always make you more money ....including examples for
    you to take and use with my permission.
  • Discover the 'challenge' and 'struggle' formula to create content that pulls in orders very time it's used.
  • What's best... long content, short content or something else? Results revealed and templates given to you.
  • How to use the same piece of content over and over again and still have it appear new and fresh in your market place.

And more....

Claim Easy Content Pro  $97 Today only $9.97

Membership Income Secrets

Imagine waking up on the first day of each month KNOWING how much money is going to flow into your bank account that month WITHOUT you having to make a single new sale. 

That's what it feels like when you have membership or continuity income in your business. Simply put, it's where your customers pay you on a regular basis (usually monthly) for products or services you provide them.

Imagine having 5k, 10k, 25k per month or more coming into your bank account every single month like clock work, month after month, guaranteed. How would that make you feel?

In this never been seen before training you'll see step by step how to create your own cash producing membership site in 48 hours or less. 


  • Case study of 11 different types of membership sites for you to use for ideas and inspiration.
  • How to get your first member and then go onto 100 members, 500 members and more.
  • The BEST way to set up a membership site fast WITHOUT all the technical headaches.
  • How to create a membership site without having to create any of the content yourself and people will happily pay you month after month for access to it.
  • Which markets are ideal for a membership site and what type of site to create that attracts members easily, has them pay you month after month AND is easy to run in less than a couple of hours a month.
  • How to double or triple your profits each month without having to add any new members or create additional products.
  • Which segments of ANY market are the best to go after at first AND how to have them stay with you, and pay you, for years. 
  • What tests on pricing brought in the best results and which one meant that sales plummeted before it was changed back quickly...you'll be surprised at the reason why it happened. 
  • I'll show you three secret sales strategies that will increase your profits by 25 to 42% WITHOUT you having to write a single sales message. Your members will thank you and your sales will soar.
  • The lightbulb moment that meant no more hamster wheel of sales each and every month and what I did to put that idea into place quickly.
  • Revealed ...the 'secret' membership and continuity recurring revenue profit model ... keep this to hand for your reference.
  • A STEP BY STEP FULL BREAKDOWN – How launch and profit from your own membership site in 48 hours less. Every step is covered in the blueprint which is worth its weight in gold.
  •  What type of membership site I'd start today if beginning from scratch and why it would be profitable within days of launching it. You can copy this as well. 
  • WHY F+T+M is the model for you to use when creating your first membership site, especially in niche markets.
  • You'll see real life numbers of different membership site including the number of members they have, how much they charge and the monthly and annual revenue generated....use this for inspiration. 
  • You'll be handed the EXACT campaign that took a BRAND NEW membership site from Zero to over $10,000 per month in less than 90 days. Simply copy and paste into your own business. 

This is a very unique training that will have you informed so you know the steps to start in 48 hours or less, inspired by the examples and insights given and motivated to get started quickly... guaranteed.

Claim Membership Income Secrets  $97 Today only $9.97

Traffic Masters

Traffic is the life blood of any online business. No traffic means no sales and no sales is the death of ANY business (on or offline).

In this training I go through the different traffic methods I use to bring millions of visitors to my websites every year.

I DETAIL and GIVE you both free and paid traffic strategies plus techniques that I have never shared before in my trainings.

Together we'll go through...

  • Fast traffic strategies that will have visitors coming to your websites in less than 15 minutes...guaranteed.
  • How to use the A-T traffic technique to make you BIG profits without you having to sell a product of your own or recommend an affiliate product. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy this is to do!
  • Why search engine optimization (SEO) is a waste of time for 99.999% of marketers; especially if you are new to the online business world (I'll give you the BEST traffic strategy to start with).
  • The first question to ask yourself BEFORE you set out to run traffic to your site; not asking it will waste your time at best and cost you thousands at worst!
  • Discover the HIGHEST quality traffic source you can find that is ideal for your market and your product. (It's so simple you'll slap your own forehead in amazement!)
  •  An easy to copy idea that brought in thousands of qualified prospects to my website that a beginner can copy today.
  • Why simple techniques are the secret to you getting qualified and eager buyers to your websites when starting out.
  • How to siphon thousands of visitors from YouTube everyday even if you hate being on video and never want to be in front of a camera.
  • What I did that wasted a year of my life trying one traffic strategy and how you can avoid this huge mistake I made.
  • I'll show you how you can use a platform that is available in ANY market to bring in high quality visitors for free.
  • A CASE STUDY of how I did $100k using a free traffic technique and how you can adapt and use it today with my permission. 
  • How to spy on your competitors adverts AND see which ones are working the best enabling you to model them short cutting your own learning and testing, which means fast results and cash in the bank! (And yes it is legal). 
  • How you can access the same Data Mining companies that Google, Facebook and other big corporations use and access them for free to help you bring in visitors to your site that are eager to buy what you are selling.
  • Why BA+WRW can make you $200 to $1238 Dollars PER DAY. 
  • How to collect the email addresses of your visitors without having them visit your website or type in their details! Follow this simple method and you'll see how easy it is (PLUS you are guaranteed your prospects REAL email address every time).
  • The secret paid traffic technique that no one else is teaching (and other guru's don't want me to reveal) that brings in low cost and high quality traffic.

And that's just a fraction of what we cover in this unique training…..

Claim Traffic Masters  $97 Today only $9.97

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