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Advertising Agency Introduction

There is a problem lots of people in Internet Marketing have.

And this applies no matter what sort of Internet Business you have.

You can have a shopify store selling physical merchandise…

You can have a website selling cat food

You can be selling men's health products and advice as a membership site

You can be a Sarah Staar Business School Licensed Partner Team

And that problem is about getting traffic


  • Getting the right traffic, people that are interested and ready to buy
  • Getting it in quantity
  • Getting it cost effectively so that your advertising budget pays back quickly
  • Getting good conversion from click, to opt-in, to purchase

Sarah Staar Business School has been running our own highly successful advertising campaigns for many years.

Advertising that gets traffic, that sends potential customers to an offer….

On YouTube

On Facebook

Google Adwords etc

And we have even taken some of our learning and made it into a product - Video Hacker Pro

However, some Licensed Partner Team members STILL have problems getting enough

of the right sort of traffic.

And this means you are losing out on making substantial sums of money !

Look at it like this, you spend thousands of dollars on Licensed Partner Team, building a website, whatever, and then you don’t send any decent traffic !! 

What a waste of money, and time, and effort …………

And it can be BIG money you are losing out on ……

Think about this for a moment…

1000 people watch a video

500 people opt-in to the list (advertising cost approx $2000)

150 people buy something small - total revenue $2000 right then (pays for your advertising !!)

More to the point - that is $30,000 you HAVEN’T made.

Because you haven’t spent money on sending the traffic to an offer page.

Now there’s another thing I want you to think about…

If you spent $2,000 and made $30,000 back, would you just stop there ?

I know what I would do, I would re-invest some of that $30,000 back into advertising

With those numbers, I would invest at least $2,000 every month, so that by the end of the year I would be looking at $360,000 of commissions !

Okay not all of it would come in instantly, there would be a “tail”... but you get the point….


They don’t feel confident to set up the system themselves, as it does require a certain amount of detailed and in-depth technical knowledge.

Using your affiliate ID.

Setting up tracking pixels.



We have found YouTube advertising to be the most effective way of getting quality traffic cheaply, but then you have to create your own adverts.

And then there is the hassle of encoding them, uploading them to YouTube, creating your own YouTube channel etc etc


The other problem with doing it yourself is also that you don’t know what the

performance metrics are, what’s the conversion rate, what’s the lifetime customer value



And the other thing that concerns you is how to find the right audience, what keywords to use, what demographics, what type of advertising, where on YouTube to advertise.

But we have a solution.

We have a “done-for-you” advertising package.

Briefly, what we do for you is…


Set up the whole system for you, including :

Adwords account (which we manage for you).

Creating and branding your YouTube Channel

Buy a relevant domain name for you

Creating your website - product page, squeeze pages, T and C, all Google compliant

Conversion tracking and retargeting pixels

Dropping your affiliate cookie from every page on your website

Links to our Affiliate order processing, payment, and performance monitoring system

Linking everything together, especially your website to your YouTube Channel


We produce new videos and test and optimize them for you to get the best click-through



We handle a whole bunch of detailed technical stuff

Finding and using the best keywords

Using our customer data to create “look alike” audiences

Using our customer data to add a demographic overlay to refine targeting

We set up your re-targeting system

We create and test the banner advertising for re-targeting

We manage your adwords account - including setting spending limits

We set up campaigns for you - based around targeted keywords


And then we monitor advertising response and conversion rates

Adjust various aspects of the system so that everything is working optimally

And we update and add to it as needed.

We use our own performance metrics as the baseline.

Now that’s a lot of work !

Basically, what we have done is created your own sales funnel, but using our system and all of our products and adverts.

So what you are getting is...

Our knowledge of how it all works - our Intellectual Property

Our buyer data and our email list -  our Intellectual Property

Our products

Our adverts.

Our squeeze pages, one time offers, upsells and downsells

So this isn’t cheap.

AND we have to be very careful about what happens with our Intellectual Property and everything else we own

Also we can only handle so many accounts, this offer is therefore limited to a select few, specifically those who can invest a reasonable amount of money per month into paid advertising.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask, and the answers.


The annual fee is $10,000

The minimum monthly ad spend we want from you is $2000 per month.


4 LPT elite members have already signed up.

Their advertising is all being paid for by the initial purchases visitors are making.

Commissions from sales of other funnel products are at the level of $3,000 a month and rising

You can reasonably expect to make a profit of upwards of $30,000 in the first year, more in the second and following years.

Please note: this is not a guarantee of income and crucially depends upon how much you spend on advertising, and your level of LPT membership.

Terms and Conditions


You cannot tell anybody outside Sarah Staar Business School Inc any of the details about

this system.

All elements of the system are copyrighted Sarah Staar Business School Inc and are the Intellectual Property of Sarah Staar and no details or principles can be released to, discussed with, or shown to anybody outside Sarah Staar Business School Inc.


You cannot turn this into a product and re-sell it.
You cannot sell or re-sell any of the elements, especially anything we upload to your
Adwords account


You are only allowed to use this system with Sarah Staar Business School Inc products.


There are no refunds.


If the economics and performance metrics of the system change so it becomes less

profitable, we will tell you, then we will adjust the system until the economics tilt back in your favour.

We will also reduce your ad spend to the level you need just for testing any changes to the system.


You agree to give us a testimonial as to how the system is working for you.
You will be asked to sign a release form for the testimonial


We will tell you each month how you have done and the financial  results.

You can also log into your affiliate centre as a Licensed Partner Team member and check

summary financials from there.


Conversion tracking and allocating sales to affiliates is, unfortunately, not an exact

science and errors may occur from time to time.

We undertake to take all reasonable efforts to minimise such errors and to correct them

when we are aware of them.


Because we pay affiliates at the end of the month after the month in which the sale was

made you will need to fund your advertising spend for 2 months.


All information given by Sarah Staar Business School or by their employees, be it in
writing, verbally, or any other means of communication is strictly confidential and may not
be disclosed to any other party without the explicit written permission of Sarah Staar
Business School.

You undertake to keep all Confidential Information safe.


Purchase of this service means you agree to all the above Terms and Conditions.


Failure to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions will lead to your account being

terminated immediately, no money or affiliate commissions will be paid, and legal action

will be taken in case of breach of copyright and/or violation of our Intellectual Property.

In such case we will seek damages for any loss of business caused by any such breach or violation, whether that loss of business is caused directly or indirectly by such breach or violation of these Terms and Conditions

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