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No tricks - no "trial" or anything
...just a solid offer for my friends.


Dear Friend,

Yes. You really ARE getting FOUR complete marketing courses for just four bucks.

This isn't a "trial" or anything like that and there's no "catch" (except that this expires when the timer hits zero).

You get instant access to everything on this page.

And these are full-fledged courses, too.

You'll be able to access and download these training courses on your computer or directly on your mobile phone via my mobile app so that you can watch this training anywhere you go.

Course #1: Online income secrets

This course is the secret formula to making your first sale online.

To be honest making a sale online is not that hard. The part most people struggle with is something called repeatability.

The thing that sets apart a hobby from an online business is being able to sell something over and over again in other words repeatability.

That's why I created online income secrets.

In this course I will show you my secret formula I use every time I want to sell a new product online.

If you follow this formula you simply can't fail.

In this training you'll discover:

  • How to make your first sale online and then how to repeat the process over and over again ensuring that you’ll have a predictable income.
  • My technique to discovering the most profitable niches. Identifying your niche is super important because many beginners start in niches where there is little competition, no traffic, and few good products to promote. 
  • Finding Products To Promote I show you how to find profitable products to promote. Physical products often pay very low % commissions, there are other alternatives which give you a much better return.
  • My secret formula to identify who to promote your products to so that you can maximise your sales when you start promoting your products.
  • The system I use in my business to identify where to find hungry buyers, people who are actively searching for your product already. This makes selling products incredibly easy.

Course #2: YouTube Traffic Blueprint

Traffic is the life blood of any online business.

No traffic means no sales and no sales is the death of ANY business (on or offline).

I use YouTube to bring thousands of visitors to my websites every week! 

In this training I walk you through my most profitable traffic source I have ever encountered, YouTube.

I DETAIL and GIVE you both free and paid YouTube traffic strategies plus techniques that I have never shared before.

Together we'll go through...

  • How to get thousands of visitors a day to your website using free YouTube traffic so that you don't need to spend any money on paid advertising.
  • A complete guide on how to set up a YouTube advert and start driving high quality traffic to your website.
  • I'll show you how YouTube advertising works out incredibly cheap on average, 3 cents per view this is a big plus because you don't have to spend a fortune on paid advertising to be successful.
  • How to siphon thousands of visitors from YouTube everyday even if you hate being on video and never want to be in front of a camera.
  • A step-by-step guide showing you how to make videos using your smart phone so that you can quickly get started using equipment you already own.
  • If you don't want to be on camera I've got you covered. Included is a step-by-step guide showing you how to make screen capture videos so that you don't need to be on camera yourself.
  • A CASE STUDY of how I did $100k using a free traffic technique and how you can adapt and use it today with my permission. 

And that's just a fraction of what we cover in this unique training…..

Course #3: Lead Maximiser

In this training, I walk you through how to maximise the profits you make from each person on your email list.

I'm also going to show you how you can massively increase your email open rate and click through rates.

There's no fluff or messing about. Just a rock solid framework you can use to 10 X your email open rates and click through rate and also massively increase the sales you make from each person on your email list.

In this training you'll discover:

  • How to add Qualified Leads to your list. This is super important because you don't want to have an email list full of tyre kickers. Instead I'll show you how to build a list of fans who will queue up to buy your products.
  • You're going to learn how to add high quality leads to your list for free so that you don't have to spend a fortune on paid advertising.
  • The secret formula I use to get a 90% open rate whenever I communicate with my list. This ensures that whenever you're promoting a product everybody sees the offer!
  • Email isn't the only game in town any more... That's why I communicate with my list via sms text messaging. This can double sometimes even triple the profits on a campaign... This is massive, as very few marketers are doing this at the moment!
  • The importance of your subscribers getting to know you, and how to get repeat sales from subscribers year after year after year. This is super important as the more people get to know like and trust you the more they will buy from you.

And that's just a fraction of what we cover in this unique training…..

Course #4: Sales Funnel Formula

To succeed online today your business must have a sales funnel and even a series of sales funnels in place.

However many online business owners simply don't know how to create and maintain a proper funnel. 

I'm here to tell you that…

When properly set up and monetized…

A sales funnel can take your ONLINE business from little or no sales…

To high five figure, six figures and even onto the 7- figure range. 

The key is to know what exactly goes into a proper funnel, and what to leave out. 

And that's what I show you in this brand new training Sales Funnel Formula.

This is your blueprint to creating sales funnels that bring in new prospects and turn them into happy paying customers... 

In this training you'll discover:

  • Why sales funnels are vital to your online business and how to use them the right way.
  • I'll show you the 'hidden' funnel that only smart marketers are using to drive more sales and bigger profits.
  • You'll see the exact conversion rates you should typically expect with each type of sales funnel you create.
  • Revealed....my best performing opt in pages you can model to have people opting in to your sales funnels.
  • I walk you through every stage of one of my best performing funnels, what pages I use, where I use them, what I put on each page AND the results achieved. You can use this to create your own funnel (feel free to swipe and deploy with my permission!).
  • How I set up sales funnels quickly with flow charts and diagrams for you to follow and use.
  • The ONE thing you can use to super charge your funnel to sell $200 to $15,000+ products and services easily.
  • Killer campaigns that integrate with your sales funnel that increase conversions and profits by 300% or more.


No tricks - no "trial" or anything
...just a solid offer for my friends.

A special Bonus Worth $197

Replace My Day Job Workshop Recordings

This was a two-day workshop I held in London for my coaching students.

I have previously sold the recordings of this workshop $197 but today I'm including the recordings of this workshop is a special free bonus.

Video #1

In this video you will discover how to make your first $100 online the easy way. 

Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to get rich with these methods that I teach here, but the potential is quite good for those who are struggling with making money online.

Here you will learn how to create cash-pumping review blogs and how to drive unlimited FREE traffic to them.  

Video #2

This is one of the most important videos you’ll ever see. Here I reveal in a step-by-step all the processes that allow you to quickly create a profitable list of subscribers.

Also, I share what kind of funnels you’ll need to set up to generate money each and every time someone opts in for your list.

Remember, having a list is something critical if you want to make massive amounts of money.

Most of the products on list building that you can find across the Internet are outdated and provide scarce information?

but you’ll be amazed at the quality of the information in this video and I assure you that once you watch it, you’ll instantly have an unfair advantage over your competitors!

Video #3

The power of membership sites and HOW you can create a “machine” that will generate you PAID subscribers over and over again.

Also, you’ll discover how to get affiliates to promote your memberships sites.

Just picture this: you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to traffic since THEY will be sending as much traffic as you can handle!

Video #4

Local Area Marketing – In this video you’re about to learn several powerful and extremely profitable strategies for Local Area Marketing and how you can apply it in order to generate thousands of dollars per month working with local clients.

Believe it or not, Local Area Marketing can be really profitable if done right.

And fortunately for you, you will discover in this video all of the tips and strategies that can catapult you to success!

Video #5

A 10-step plan that will allow you to create your very own online business that will generate money for you on complete autopilot.

The vast majority of courses you can buy online don’t provide a step-by-step approach on how to properly create your automated business.

In this video, I want to make it even easier for you by providing a 10-step plan that you can implement right after reading this letter.

No stone is left unturned…I reveal EVERYTHING!

See What Some of Sarah Staar's Students Have Been Saying About Her Training.

Sarah comes with so much integrity, and that's quite rare in the internet marketing world. Sarah's made things really simple. Also, for us that are more experienced marketers, there's been some really advanced strategies, as well.

When I watched Sarah's videos, it really made me think. "Wow, this is so simple that I can relate to this." She kept saying, "Just take one action. So, that's what I did , I started driving some traffic, and then, last month, out of the blue, I looked, and I had my very first sale ... Can you believe it ... My very first sale. This stuff Just Works!

"Absolutely mind-blowing ...
Simple, well-explained, inspiring, absolutely first rate stuff.
Brilliant value, too."

Here's What To Do Next

Yes. You really ARE getting FOUR complete marketing courses Plus the bonus of the recordings of my two day workshop for just four bucks.

This isn't a "trial" or anything like that and there's no "catch" (except that this expires when the timer hits zero).

You'll be able to access these training courses on your computer or directly on your mobile phone via my mobile app so that you can watch this training anywhere you go.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is No Catch!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This Isn't One Of Them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

  1. 1
    Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run real businesses online selling books, physical products software, and more)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.
  2. 2
    I get one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.

Time Is Of The Essence...

Right now this is only a marketing test and as such I'm only running this for a limited time.

So when the countdown gets to 0 this page will redirect to a sold-out page.

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you'll love these four courses, or I'll return your $4 investment and let you keep the four courses and the bonus workshop recordings!!

That's right. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.

Sound fair enough?

This Is Truly A
Limited Offer

So Claim Your FOUR complete marketing courses for just four bucks Now Before They're All Gone...

HOWEVER ...this will EXPIRE when the timer on the page hits ZERO.

So claim this offer now!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

This offer is only $4 and Here's what you're getting:

Course #1: Online income secrets

Course #2: YouTube Traffic Blueprint

Course #3: Lead Maximiser

Course #4: Sales Funnel Formula

And A special Bonus Worth $197 The Replace My Day Job Workshop Recordings

There's not catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

In fact if you don't like the courses for any reason simply let me know and I'll refund your investment and you can keep the courses anyway.