Highlight-Copy-Paste Your Way to
Amazon Profits!

My friend Chris Payne is obsessed with finding the quickest and easiest ways to make money with Amazon – steps that anyone can take with a few click of the mouse that cost no money or very little money with a guaranteed payback – and all executed in minutes a day.

Thursday 28 January
8PM UK Time
12pm Pacific Standard Time
1pm Mountain Standard Time
3pm Eastern Daylight Time

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  • How some simple text created in less than ONE HOUR turned into a 4-figure windfall on amazon the little-known and free website that can churn out ideas and unique text to use in Kindle ebooks.
  • The super-cheap Fiverr ‘gigs’ that quickly led to hundreds of Kindle downloads how to find out which ebook topics are selling like hot cakes on Amazon – and how to piggyback on their success – or even leapfrog over it.
  • How to turn your PLR into Kindle ebooks and thin Amazon paperbacks – by adding a little ‘fairy dust’.
  • Why most outsourced workers do poor work and the 5-step process to ensure you find top-quality writers charging from $3 an hour.

…and much more!

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Sarah & Chris