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$200 A Day Blueprint Live Coaching

Now, here’s the deal –

Whenever I'm travelling around the world people often ask me what I do for a living...

When I tell them how much I make and how few hours I work everybody always wants to know more...

In fact most people ask if I can coach them!

I used to charge between $5,000 and $10,000 per year for coaching...

However this year I've decided that I no longer have the time to invest in personal one-on-one coaching...

However this has left me with a bad taste in my mouth...

I realise a lot of people are struggling right now because of the uncertain times were living in...

Most people are worried about:

Being laid off from work
Not earning enough cash to pay the bills
Rising fuel costs
etc etc etc.....

So what's the answer?

To learn the process of making $200 per day.

For most people this can be a life changing amount of money....

After all if you've got an extra $6000 or so per month coming in...

This really change things in most people's lives....

For most people this can give them the freedom to travel and spend more time with their families and never have to worry about money again...

Would you like to learn my process for making $200 per day?

Where’s the catch –

No catch…… BUT………… 

I know how this process works because it's what I use to make affiliate sales each and every day in multiple niches...

I know from previous experience students get the best results when they are coached...

So I've decided to create this product as a 30 day group coaching programme...

Here is where you come in –

I'll be delivering the material to you as I created over the next four weeks...

Each week I'll be hosting a live training class with an extended Q&A session...

I will also create supporting training videos for any technical aspects of the teaching....

Also if you have any suggestions on topics and things I need to cover I will also create those training videos to support the training...

This is definitely a limited offer as this training is live.

The dates for the training are below:

Please note you do not need to attend the training classes live as everything will be recorded.

Class 1

Thursday 2nd March 8pm Uk Time

Class 2

Thursday 9th March 8pm Uk Time

Class 3

Thursday 16th March 8pm Uk Time

Class 4

Thursday 23rd March 8pm Uk Time

As an extra bonus I'm also offering email support and one live one-on-one coaching phone call with me personally which you can use any time over the next 12 months.

My aim with this program is to get you up and running and making sales within the first 30 days.

This offer ends on 2 March because that's when the live training starts.


You missed out!

Get Started Today For Only $200

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment

Take action now and I look forward to seeing you the next live Training Mastermind Call..

Kind regards.

Sarah Staar

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