Pay attention since I’m going to reveal how you can generate even more money.

Dear Internet Marketer,

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I just can’t think of anything more enjoyable and profitable than creating videos that will later be seen by thousands, possibly millions of people, if they go viral. 

It feels really good when you check your PayPal or ClickBank account and see those payments in there. That’s instant money that can be withdrawn immediately and I can assure you that this gives you a freedom that you can’t even imagine.

You are probably asking yourself what kind of money we are talking about.

Well, I’ll get to that in just a few moments but please, allow me to ask you a simple question first.

What’s holding you back from the real success that you deserve?

If you don’t know how to properly answer this question, then let me do it for you: It could be many, many things.

One of them might be a lack of useful information. Some of the video marketing guides available today are a complete waste of both your time and your bandwidth.

Another HUGE obstacle that might be keeping you from internet riches is the fact that some of the “experts” or “gurus” are good pitchmen and excellent liars.

I hate to tell you this but you’re constantly being bombarded by pseudo-gurus promoting useless junk that doesn’t even work and that won’t make you ANY MONEY AT ALL.

It will have the opposite effect;  it will make you a little bit poorer.

You’re probably asking yourself what you really need in order to be successful online (and offline) and generate massive earnings, right?

Just listen to my suggestion.

If this kind of software worked as some of the best “experts” claim that it does, then by now you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

You would be extremely rich and you just wouldn’t be worrying why you’re not achieving the results that you want.

If I had such miraculous software, then I would be pressing the “Make Money” button all the time, almost 24 hours a day, wouldn’t you?

Instead of all of those ineffective and costly “make money online” products I have something *really* sweet for you today.

As you might already know, I’m a very well known video marketer here in the UK and I also have several successful products on the internet.

I dedicate a lot of time to researching and applying new techniques in my business. Apart from making money one of my other passions is to help others achieve their goals.

I run seminars here in the UK and some of the people who want to attend these seminars where I share all my strategies have to pay up to $2,000

This is a workshop that consists of 11 videos where you can see live how I teach a select group of students how to turn video marketing into a “cash-machine” that will literally generate as much money as they want.

All of these videos are so extremely insightful that you will *finally* find the way to solve your financial problems once and for all.

This is what you’re going to discover…

  • The video SEO hijack method – Although this system is included in the “YouTube Hijack” product, in this two-day seminar I reveal powerful strategies that will allow you to get higher rankings so easily that you’ll laugh!
  • How to unleash the immense power of affiliate marketing when using video – I leave no stone unturned and I spill the beans on the unlimited possibilities that affiliate marketing plus video can offer to you.
  • How to churn out professional videos that will attract thousands of views! – Jules Watkins, a famous network TV cameraman here in the U.K. shares his secrets on how you can record profit-pulling videos without expensive cameras or equipment. Lightning and sound is included in this video, too. This is something that no other course on video marketing has!
  • How to make awesome and interesting screen capture videos – If you need to show how things work in any given video, then this is something that will help you tremendously. Now you finally will discover how you can demonstrate whatever you do on your computer screen and turn it into a useful video that your viewers will love!
  • How to edit your videos THE RIGHT WAY – When it comes to editing videos some people are completely clueless, however, if you follow the easy instructions in these videos you’ll be able to produce professional videos that will generate you money for years to come!
  • How to properly encode your videos – This is something that most video marketing courses never cover. In this module, I show you the easiest and fastest way to beat your competitors by uploading videos that play and sound a thousand times better! You will discover how you can use a precise format that YouTube, IPhone, IPad (and many others) will love.
  • How you can host your videos without draining your wallet – In this module, I show you step-by-step how you can get the best hosting (without spending too much.) Also, I will show you in this exciting module how you can use the Amazon S3 video content delivery network and its multi-server network (CloudFront) to your advantage.
  • How you can leverage the power of video players – Discover how you can secure your content (to prevent unscrupulous plagiarizers from copying your material), make “Buy Now” buttons appear below any video at any time, embed YouTube videos to play automatically and many, many other exciting tips that no one’s talking about!
  • How you can outsource your videos intelligently – In this module you will learn how the power of outsourcing your video can make you much more money than you can handle. I will show you *where* to get cheap actors to appear in your videos, affordable voice-over artists that will deliver top-notch work and basically how you can create a video empire without actually creating any video. This is powerful stuff.

MANY more exciting and ground-breaking strategies and tips that will help you to expand your current video marketing level to limits you never thought possible!

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Today you’re being given a unique chance to expand your business to new profitable horizons.

These eleven, 2-day workshop videos are uncovering many aspects in video marketing that others simply omit.

These strategies I reveal are PURE gold.

By now, I’m sure that you’re highly interested but you might be asking yourself 
what’s the price of this cutting-edge course.

Other people paid $1,400 to attend this seminar.

It’s worth this amount and much more.

The people who attended this seminar came to me when it finished and thanked me personally for the sheer volume of underground information that I shared with them.

The point I’m trying to make is that my seminar is incredibly powerful. It has the ability of changing your business in a way that you never thought possible.

However, I won’t abuse my customers with pricing as in today’s economy every penny counts. I do not consider myself a greedy person and, what’s more, I truly believe in delivering value for the money.

You won’t have to pay $700, $500 or even $300. For a very limited time you can get your hands on this incredible 2-day seminar for just $197.

That’s right. Think about this for a moment. People who attended this seminar had to travel to see my live event and pay $1,400.

But you will have access to the SAME material that can generate massive amounts of money *without* leaving the comfort of your own home for a really low one-time payment of $197.

I truly believe in quality, not quantity.

I could charge hundreds (if not thousands) for a course of this scope. After all, we’re talking about a full-time income here. The possibility of breaking free from your actual job is priceless!

Special Offer - $197

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*Get Instant access - even at 2am - Guaranteed

You can keep buying course after course and waste valuable time that you could be spending in making the kind of money you have always wanted.


Invest in this 2-day video marketing workshop that will radically transform the way you see video marketing (and make you a LOT of money, too.)

The choice is yours.

Thank you for reading!

Sarah Staar

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