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How to Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Make Up to 1% Returns Daily – On Autopilot

With Sarah Staar

Troy Harris

Thursday 1 June
8PM UK Time
12pm PDT
3pm Eastern Daylight Time

Artificial intelligence is scaring a few people right now.

Academics are concerned that students will supply essays written by ChatGPT.

Writers are scared there are going to be replaced and their skills will be obsolete.

And many other professions and industries are preoccupied by the impact of ChatGPT.

But artificial intelligence can also be a way to make more money, faster.

You can use it to identify, place and exit trades on your behalf. 24/7.

And best of all? They tend to perform better than some of the best traders in the world for the following reasons:

  • They react faster
  • They never sleep
  • They don’t get tired
  • They don’t make human errors
  • They process more information than humans can
  • They are not emotional (they don’t feel greed or fear which affect traders’ performance)
  • They don’t miss opportunities
  • They make daily, consistent gains of up to 1%

And to prove it to you, we’re running a LIVE demonstration on Zoom.

During this call Troy Harris will share how ONE single AI bot he’s been using for the past year has outperformed many AI bots out there.

In fact, it exceeded people’s expectations during last year’s bear market… and this year, with the current pump and bullish trend… the returns have been jaw dropping.

See for yourself:

The above is a screenshot from all the trades placed by the AI bot in a single day and in green are the returns.

No human could outperform this. No matter how experienced, seasoned, professional they are. Period.

And the best is yet to come.

When we’re in a bull market again, anyone using the bot we’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

This is why I’ve asked Troy Harris to run a live demonstration so you can witness it in action.

It’s as close to ‘printing money’ as I’ve ever seen.

Register now for the FREE LIVE training.

During this LIVE training, Troy will show:

  • How to navigate this unique AI bot and enjoy returns from day 1
  • Why you can hit the ground running with as little as 200 bucks
  • How to use compound interest to turn your gains into even more passive income
  • The track record of the AI bot, and how its performance for the past year has exceeded many people’s expectations
  • The single strategy to earn crypto for doing nothing – a 100% passive income strategy
  • How to receive bonus crypto payments when you own digital assets

Plus, Troy will share a bonus strategy on how to earn passive income without investing a cent.


The strategies shared during this session are 100% passive income strategies:
they’re set and forget!

But don’t take our word for it.

So right now you have two choices:

  1. You can let ChatGPT and artificial intelligence scare you
  2. Or you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to make more, while you sit back and relax

By applying AI to trading and investing:

  • You don’t have to monitor the market round-the-clock
  • You don’t need to try to react on time to capture gains
  • You don’t need a large amount of money, you can let the bot place trades for you with just a few dollars
  • You don’t need to spend hours trying to find trades
  • They process more information than humans can

In fact, the less you do, the better. It’s set-and-forget.

All you have to do is come with an open mind and embrace the AI technology available to us today to make more with less effort.

See you on the training!

Sarah & Greg