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“How to Automate Affiliate Income with Amazon”

Create short Kindle ebooks in minutes using super-simple AI (Artificial Intelligence) ’prompts’… then upload the files in seconds and create affiliate profits!

Thursday 6th October
8PM UK Time
12pm Pacific Standard Time
1pm Mountain Standard Time
3pm Eastern Daylight Time

Amazon has more than 200 million monthly buyers, all ravenous for products to improve their

My friend Chris Payne has cracked the code on how to get the best free AI bots to write brilliant short ebooks in killer niches to generate set-and-forget affiliate profits – and for each niche you can use a different pen name! 

It’s a super simple system where you are guaranteed to succeed. Chris himself has been involved with nearly 300 books and is happy to ‘spill the beans’ to you on the call.

Sign up right now to discover during the call…

  • How simple text created in less than ONE HOUR can turn into a 4-figure windfall on Amazon.
  • The 5-step process to use free AIs to churn out title ideas and unique text to turn into Kindle
    ebooks, and the 3 simple changes to make any AI text more ‘human’ and lead to 5-star reviews.
  • The $5 Fiverr ‘gigs’ to promote any book that can quickly lead to hundreds of Kindle downloads
    and affiliate sales.
  • How to find out which ebook topics are selling like hot cakes on Amazon – and how to piggyback
    on other people’s successes, or even leapfrog over it.
  • How to grow an email list of thousands for free with Amazon ebooks. 
  • How to add a little ‘AI fairy dust’ to turn any PLR [Private Label Rights] into successful Kindle
  • The ‘one paragraph’ book that led to ONE MILLION sales: once you see this case study you’ll truly understand the staggering potential of Kindle ebooks.

…and much more!

In addition, Chris will be giving you a free gift when you sign up: a brilliant 30-minute video we
created together yesterday to help you make affiliate profits online fast!

See you Thursday at 8pm BST.

See you on the training!

Sarah & Chris